January 15, 2018


Good Morning and Happy Monday from snowy Missouri! ⛄

As I'm sitting here at my desk writing this blog post, it is still snowing! It looks so peaceful outside right now, everything is quiet and wind is blowing so the snow is coming down at an angle. ❄❅❄ 

The kids are home from school today on another snow day and Jer is at work.

So far the kids have had 3½ snow days this year and the key is not to run thru all your tricks too quickly, ha!

Yesterday I walked around the farm, by myself and the dogs, quietly taking pictures and taking in all the beauty that this property has to offer...   


This one right here ↑ is probably my favorite.

The back pasture is where our cows use to be!

All is warm and quiet, shielded from the storm in the loafing barn.

The cows would of been nice & warm.

Below ↓ is my 2nd installment of our weekly vlog, just click on the video to watch!

I'm going for 5 out of the 7 days-ish and trying to keep it between 15-20 minutes, which is really hard.
If I did all seven days that is about 2.8 minutes from each day, so keep in mind that this really is just a tiny little peak into our lives. 

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Talk to ya soon,

January 9, 2018


Hey there Tuesday๐Ÿ˜Š

School was canceled again, this is the second day in a row, due to slick/icy road conditions and dense freezing fog. 
Today when Jarret left for work, he made sure he had extra time to drive slow and be safe! When the weather is like this, you don't want to mess around.  I'm hoping the road conditions get better in the next few hours because I have an appointment to get my car serviced...

Over the last few week I've really been focusing on going through the house and organizing. Not organizing a drawer here and there, like fully overhauling the kids' rooms, closets, bookshelves, going thru clothes, donating and focusing on having less!  

Some of these projects have taken me a few days to accomplish, so that is some of the reason why I don't have a lot of pictures to show for what we've been doing. It's also been freezing so we haven't been doing too much either!

On Friday Jarret's glasses broke at work and his backup pair went out a long time ago. When we looked up his last eye exam it was almost 3 years ago and Jarret is a full time glasses wearer (is that a word?) so he needed something before Monday! We made an appointment for Saturday and this time he wanted to get contacts because he has to wear safety glasses for work and torches and grinds metal everyday so it would make it a lot easier. Jarret use to wear contacts over 5 years ago and now he's back to contacts and loves it!

While we "patiently" waited in the car for him, we enjoyed some Starbucks and cake-pops to help with the wait. It was really cold out that day so we opted to stay inside the warm car.

I made mine a venti so Maddie could share with me!

After his glasses appointment, we went to Sam's Club for our weekly groceries and Dad got them all churros! Nothing like fried-warm, cinnamon sugar dough, hhmmmm...

Lately this has been the kids' favorite snack, some sort of cheese (Babybel, string or sliced), a sliced apple and Gardetto's snack mix, the combination is pretty tasty!

Yesterday I pulled out a Christmas present of Naomi's that I put away and saved for a rainy day or in this case, an icy day to pass time.

It's a really cute build able house that you can construct anyway you want and it kept both girls busy for a good portion of the afternoon! 

It's called the Wonderhood Grand Hotel I highly recommend this toy and even better it doesn't require charging or batteries!

Yesterday I posted our first weekly vlog of 2018! This is going to be very loose and no pressure sort or thing. It won't be 7 days of footage, more like 5 or so and it will just be little clips. I'm going to try something out and see if it works. 

So if you'd like to watch, you can click on the video below⇩ and I would love it if you can subscribe and give our videos a thumbs up๐Ÿ‘! It would help our channel grow! ๐Ÿ’™

Well I hope you all enjoyed my little check in and I will talk to you soon,

January 4, 2018


Hey y'all...I'm still here, ha-ha! 

We've been living in the frozen tundra called Missouri. ⛄

It has been sooooo cold here lately, like -14℉ one morning and consecutive mornings in the single digits!!! Since we get our internet thru satellite, I'm pretty sure our dish was frozen because today is the first day we've had a strong wifi signal.

December as a whole was pretty good to us, besides the temps, we ate a lot of yummy food, spent a lot of family time together and we celebrated Christmas, yay!!!

It finally snowed!!! ❄❅❆

It looked so pretty but it didn't last long at all...it was all melted by the next day but it still made for some pretty scenery and a little snow play. 

The girls lasted about 15 minutes outside and quickly came in to warm up!

Here's the Christmas cookies I made for Santa! 

Christmas morning Santa arrived!

Naomi got a Doc McStuffins Nursery and

Maddie got the doll house right behind Naomi.

Bryce got a new Lego set for Christmas and didn't waste no time putting it together.

Doesn't Bryce look so handsome with his new work boots!

Since the kids were still on winter break, we had to find things to do around the property and out & about!

It was cold out but not frozen tundra cold yet, so we were walking around the pastures stepping and breaking ice.

(The kids kept saying that the sound of the ice breaking sounded like breaking glass)

Warming up with some hot cocoa!

Another little adventure we went on was taking the kids to Sky Zone, it was the perfect place to let the kids get some physical activity and it was something we could do indoors!

Bryce loved playing dodge ball with boys that were right around his age. 

He was getting bored at home and I knew we needed to do something active!

Naomi loved jumping into the foam pit.

We were also really surprised at how well Maddie was doing, she loved it too!

With the deep freeze brought broken water pipes that Jer spent a few days getting back together.
Bryce helped to get parts and be moral support, but this was all at temperatures of only a few degrees!

This has been our job the last few weeks...feeding the beast wood!

Before it turned cold-cold, our dogs slept at night in their kennels with a heat lamp on them.

Now they sleep in the wood-room and get excess heat from the wood stove and have cozy little beds!

Here's Harley!

Our last big adventure we went on was visiting the Wonders of Wildlife at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, courtesy of my Aunt Teri who treated the family to a "family-outing" and we had a blast! 

It exceeded my expectations and more...

They had so much to look at and it changed every so many yards.

I loved how the scenery changed and was built to make you fell like you were in that specific environment!

This was the perfect way to round out our winter break!

 The kids loved it and we loved it!

That was our December in a nutshell and talk to ya soon.

I hope you are all have a great start to the new year, 

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