August 16, 2017


Surprise...we got a new puppy!!!

Her name is Osa and she is Bryce's puppy.
(Osa as in a female bear in spanish)

Osa is part Australian Shepard and part Golden Retriever. She reminds us of a little bear cub though because she has a docked tail, from behind when she is running across the grass-she's bear cub all the way!

The puppy came from my friend and workout partner, her family breeds dogs, and we kept it as a surprise for Bryce. He got back from California on a Sunday and puppy was ready Tuesday, she is the perfect addition to our family and has a great temper.

Osa and Mittens have become fast friends!

We weren't sure how the puppy would take to the kitty but they are doing great together...

Mittens likes to pounce on Osa and Osa likes to chase Mittens, it's really cute to see them play.

Bryce is doing a great job taking care of her and he can't wait to start training her. He's been doing his research on YouTube and watching video about training puppies and what type of commands you start first.

I will definitely keep you all posted on how the training is coming along!  

I will let you guess to how the girls feel about this puppy...😍

Osa is not going without attention, that is for sure!  

We've all grown attached to her, it's pretty easy when she is such a good puppy.

Back to School

The kids went back to school on Monday and we are still getting use to our back to school schedule, even me!

The mornings are waaayyy more fasted paced, but I've implemented some time saving steps that are helping me get out the door in the morning, especially since Jer isn't here to help me get them in the car with brushed teeth and shoes. 

I took Jarret's help for granted because he's always been here in the mornings. So I've made some adjustments and we are golden!

Isn't that what life is about, adjusting when things change?

Naomi was so excited to start school this year!!!

She is a big preschooler and loves to tell me all about school when I pick her up, she leaves no stone unturned. 

Maddie is in 2nd grade this year and loves her new teacher (thank God) because last year the beginning of the school year, for almost a month, was met with lots of melt downs and crying.

This year her teacher was her speech teacher last year, so she is very familiar with you and is still in class with her little buddy. She still goes to her special ed teacher that she went to last year and they let her bring a little stuffed animal friend from home to keep her company.

Bryce is the big 5th grader this year, the big man on campus at the elementary school. Next year he will be across the street at the middle school! 😂 

Bryce is a great student and I have no doubt that he will rock this school year!

Now to just get him to tell me about his day without the single word, fine or good...

Here's a few random back to school prep pictures.

Sam's Club picking up Maddie's new glasses, her prescription changed.

Getting all the school supplies at Target.

Back to school lunch supplies!

So hard to get a good picture with everyone smiling, ha!

Have a great week,


August 7, 2017

LIFE LATELY | 7/28-8/5 2017

Hey....long time no life lately posts!

I love writing these casual type posts and these are some of my favorite posts to read on others bloggers websites.

Life Lately has been weird with Bumper being in California for a little over 2 weeks. I never realized how much he helps me out with the girls or just the little things we do together...
But it has been great for me to have just girl time with Maddie & Naomi!

This week is the kid's last week home and to be completely honest, I'm ready for them to go back...
Not that I don't like the kids home or the easy mornings of cartoon watching and playing or the freedom or just going and not having to worry about picking up Naomi from preschool. 

The kids are ready to go back, especially Maddie. She misses her routine and Naomi is excited to start Pre-K and Bryce is not ready to do school work, he just wants to hang with his buds!

There has been a lot of early morning milkings lately, hence the sleepy-tired eyes.

Also on the tractor while the sun is just coming up.

Morning Sunrise!

The girls have been helping in the calf barn lately since grandma was in California too.

She usually grains & waters the calves everyday.

Naomi helps with the water & Maddie scoops grain.

Monday thru Thursday I put our cow's afternoon feed out since Jer is at work and at first this was hard for me to figure out how to get big scoops of feed in the bucket.

I would go scoop up a scoop and then go dump the feed and it would be just a small amount, huh...and then I was told that I didn't have the bucket angled right and now we are scooping big scoops! <Proud moment>

Eating there afternoon ration!

See those sweatshirts we have on, yeah we've been getting teased with Fall like weather and we are not complaining!!!

This was before the girls and I went to the gym.

When we came back, Jer was wrenching on the disc bind.

The girls were excited to catch a ride with Dad around the field.

Naomi being silly...

and Maddie...

This was the other morning, right outside the window was two deer grazing. I was trying to be super quiet so I could snap a picture before they ran off.

I was taking this picture while driving the Gator, in the distance you could hear the thunder rolling in, the smell of rain and the wind blowing the grass in the field.

Right after this, it started to down pour and I was soaking wet, ha!

While it was raining outside. we built one of Maddie's new Lego sets she got for her birthday.

Now Naomi says she wants Legos for her birthday too, but the "the kid" ones.

That's life lately, and this week we have Meet the Teacher night and possibly a Zoo trip in the cards!

Have a great Monday,
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August 1, 2017


Heeeeyyyy friends, today I'm sharing my JULY | LIFESTYLE FAVORITES with you!!!

These are things I was loving for the month of July.

I love reading and watching these types of video on YouTube & reading other bloggers blog posts on this subject. 

For me I get ideas of products that I didn't maybe know about or skeptical of trying. It's basically like reading the review section on a product and seeing how some of your favorite people liked it.

 Well the next few things I'm sharing (in no particular order) are things I LOVED for the MONTH of JULY!

Birkenstocks Women's Mayari Sandals

This summer I bought my first ever pair of Birenstocks and I absolutely l-o-v-e them!!!

They are so comfortable and mold to the shape of your feet, they fit like custom made sandals. 

*Right away they are stiff and not so comfortable but, if you wear for 2-3 days they will start molding to your feet. They sales associate said, the sole is heat activated.

All last summer if I was wearing flip-flops one day, then the next day I needed to wear shoes or by the end of the night my ankles, knees and back were hurting.

I know I have the feet that require comfort & support over fashion and I feel I get best of both world with these Birkenstocks!

On our recent Family Trip to Kansas City, I wore these sandals 95% of the time and my feet didn't hurt at all, and we did a lot of walking.

Elin Hilderbrnad The Identicals

One thing I noticed is that in summer I read a lot less... 

I think because the weather is nice that we are busy outside, kids are playing and by the time we come inside & are done with work I don't feel like reading.

But...the last few weeks have been super-super humid that as soon as chores or morning outside play is over, we're inside in the a/c and perfect timing because 
ELIN HILDERBRAND just came out with her latest book, THE IDENTICALS!
 I'm not a huge reader but I'm trying to work more reading into my daily habits and Elin Hilderbrand books are the perfect, light hearted stories that I'm looking for. One of the things that I love about her books is it doesn't take chapters upon chapters to get into. She builds the characters and gets right into it and the rest of the story unfolds while still keeping your interest. 
After reading her books, you'll definitely want to visit Nantucket!

the perfect smoothie

Smoothies, I have been all about smoothies this past month!
And not just making one at a time, making 3 servings worth and putting them into glass mason jars to accompany breakfast, lunch & dinner. They keep perfectly in the fridge all day!

What I do is drink one of these delicious smoothies before I eat breakfast-lunch or dinner. Some people like to reset with just drinking smoothies & lots of water, especially if you went off the deep end over the weekend. But I'm too physically active to just drink smoothies, so for instance I may have some scrambled eggs & toast with my smoothie. Lunch I may have 1/2 a sandwich or pretzel & string cheese and a smoothie. For dinner I drink my smoothie first, then have whatever I made for the whole family. 

The idea is your getting full just from all the dense nutrients that are crammed in these smoothies that when it comes to other meals you don't eat as much. I do not starve myself AT-ALL, I just make better choices when it comes to my protein & carbs. I still eat gluten, I still have my daily candy and I don't follow any crazy diet plan and if I want a burger or an enchilada plate at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, I will let myself...just not everyday! 
I mainly try and nourish my body with whole food and these smoothies are perfect for the person that has a hard time consuming your daily amount of fruits & veggies. <raising hand>  

(I also workout strength train 3-4 times a week) 

Here's my ingredients:

The perfect smoothie ingedients

The Perfect Smoothie (3 servings)

2 Cups Water
2 Handfuls Half & Half Mix (Spring Mix Greens & Spinach)
2 Apples Sliced & Cored 
1½ Cups Frozen Fruit Salad Blend
½ Banana

1 Scoop Protein Powder
2 Tbsp. Flax Seed
2 Packets Stevia

Place the water, greens and apples in the blender and blend until liquefied. Next add you frozen fruit, banana, protein, flax & stevia and blend. One all combined place equally in 3 glass mason jars or whatever cup and air tight lid you have. 

Clinique Super City Block

I've shared this product with you all before but, I L-O-V-E this products!!!

Clinique's Super City Block is the perfect sunscreen, it's not white, it's SPF 40 and it's oil free. 

I consider it another part of my daily skincare routine, after my moisturizer. Then I'm protected for the day and I feel good that I'm taking care of my skin!

I hope you all enjoyed my July favorites and these are all products I used just about everyday for the month of July.

Kansas City, Missouri

If you didn't see our family trip to Kansas City, you can check it out here!

Talk to you all soon,


July 27, 2017


Hey all, we are back from our family trip to Kansas City, Missouri! 
But, we are minus one kid. Bryce flew back with my in-laws to California to have some much needed special Grandma & Grandpa time and to see all his cousins!

We had a blast in K.C. and honestly Jarret and I didn't know what to expect since we both had never been. We had a short list of things we wanted to do and see and I think we did just about all except the kid's science center. (We ran out of time) We met up with Jarret's parents there in K.C. and we all had a great time and a nice family dinner.

Now Jarret, The Girls and I are settling back into our regularly scheduled program here at home and I'm getting through the laundry... 

This is us eating lunch at Culver's before getting on the road to Kansas City. 
Kansas City is about a 3.5 hour drive, perfect for a straight shot without having to stop for anyone!

So our first whole day there we started with Legoland Discovery Center, the kids were so excited!!!

 I recommend you buy your tickets in advance though, because there was a long line of people waiting to get in and they only let so many in at one time.

Fun Fact: The City is known for all it's working fountains.

Once inside the kids had a blast! This is us on a ride where you had to shot the "bad guys" with your laser gun. It was a competition between Jer & Bryce, Naomi was not too sure about the ride and Maddie wanted to go again!

This is Bryce's heaven, he LOVES Lego's and is constantly building robots and I'm constantly finding Lego's everywhere...on the floor, in my car, on the stairs, ha but I love his imagination.

On the way out we gave each of the kids a budget and let them pick a Lego set to take back to the hotel to build, play and bring home.

This is the set Bryce picked.

This is the set Maddie picked and this is the set Naomi picked!

We also went to the Legoland Aquarium that weekend. 

The kids loved the aquarium, especially Maddie & Naomi!

Both the Legoland Discovery Center & Legoland Aquarium were the highlights of the kid's weekend! 

On Saturday the kids, Jer and I went on the Kansas City Fun Tour which was awesome! You pick it up in the front of Union Station and there is no way you would know all this information about the city in one hour unless you took this tour, this is a must see for sure!!!

Sunday we were up bright & early to you see the WWI memorial. 
We parked at Union Station and walked.

Fun Fact: This is the only WWI memorial in the country

It's a beautiful memorial with a great view from the top of the wall!

This is looking down on Union Station, which is another must see, so much history!

This is the model train exhibit inside, it's cool how they've made up little replicas of the city.

They had so much to see and we were running out of time!

Saturday night we had a delicious Kansas City barbecue experience for an early birthday dinner for Jarret. This group hasn't sat down and enjoyed a meal together in probably 2+years (all together). It was nice to all be together!

We crammed a lot in considering the heat & humidity that weekend and I'm sure there is so much more to see but this is what we did! 

Thanks for stopping by and if you've been to Kansas City, what were some of your favorite things!

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