April 16, 2018


Hi Friends, Happy Monday!

I'm not even going to start giving excuses on why my posts haven't been consistent lately but, let me just tell ya, life has been stressful and hectic!!!

Maybe one day when I am not in such a transition, my posts will me be more regular. #fingerscrossed 

Pictures are in no particular order...

Bryce was playing up in his tree fort on Saturday afternoon, it was super windy outside so he didn't stay up there very long, just long enough to set up a camera so he can do surveillance. 

Don't let the picture fool you but, Harley was really excited to be laying on that cozy blanket inside the horse trailer. It was cold and windy outside, so this was a nice little wind break for him. Both Osa & Harley are going on a little vacation to Utah until we finalize a place! 

Loading up the Husquavarna riding mower, I love that mower!

Until we meet again Husky!

Post workout, sweaty-selfie! Lately I've been into H.I.I.T. on the treadmill (high intensity, interval training) and B.B.G. by Kayla Itsines. 

My typical breakfast lately has been flourless pancakes, you know the ones you make with a banana and eggs...

Walking to get the kids off the bus! 

We had some pretty nice weather during the week so I was sitting outside with Naomi while the big kids were still at school.

Lately Maddie has been a little reader! Early one morning she came down stairs finishing her Dr. Seuss library book, there's nothing more that I love than hearing the kids read, ok maybe when they are not fighting or complaining, ha!  

My current read right now is Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis and I'm loving it, I'll probably finish it today.

Thursday the weather got to 82℉, waaahhhh, it hasn't been nearly this warm all year and while I'm currently typing it's 28℉ and looking like winter doesn't want to leave!!! #byefelicia

On Thursday we were loading up some of the remaining things my parents still had on the farm and Naomi was getting a little dolly-ride by Grandma.

Later we went on an after dinner walk and Grandma let the kids use their hiking sticks.

Dreaming about warmer weather, lol! πŸŒ…

That's been our life lately, Have a Great day!

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April 3, 2018


March Favorites

Hi FriendsπŸ‘‹, I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend! In today's post I'm going to be talking about a little Easter and a lot of March Favorites! I love a good Favorites post.

In recapping our Easter, we had a very chill one here and I mean chill in every sense of the word. In regards to temperature we are back to burning wood in the fire box, yes we are in another cold snap and I really feel like this is the never ending winter and probably the whitest we have ever been, lol! We also chilled and watched movies, had a casual Easter lunch with chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, the kids opened their baskets the Easter Bunny left them and we had an early egg hunt. We had to beat the rain and the hail, and the wind and cold temps, you just never know what you are going to get out here. This weather definitely teaches you to roll with the punches!

Jarret also starts his new job this week and it will bring lots of changes to our family and it will also bring us to a new location this summer! The moving part has brought a lot of mixed emotions, but  as I've learned time and  time again, life is an adventure and as much as I would like to control it, (and try to) ultimately GOD has different plans for us. 

mehaffey moments family selfie

My Easter egg hunting pictures didn't turn out very well because the kids we zipping across the lawn so fast and my fingers were frozen, so apologies this is all you get, ha!

mehaffey moments

If you would like to see what the kids got in their baskets this year, I filmed a little video sharing all three!

March Favorites

*Bath & Body-

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is the one stop shop for moisturizing. We all use this! It works on Bryce's eczema really well and what I love about this lotion is it rubs in and doesn't leave your skin greasy! In the summer we will probably switch to the lotion.

Carmex lip balm

Carmex is the best lip balm and it works well! We have so many of these throughout the house, in the car, purses, backpacks, desk drawer, kitchen junk drawer...anywhere you turn you are bound to find one! Plain, old school Carmex.

me bath bombs

ME! Bath Bombs are great if you don't want to pay the hefty price tag on the fancier ones sold by Bath & Body or Lush! Maddie loves to use bath bombs and these are small and the perfect size for a standard sized tub. 

maybelline total temptation
Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara is a great drug store mascara for a very reasonable price! The formula and consistency is great.


Naked Juice Smoothies

Naked Juice Smoothies! Bryce is not my "breakfast" food eater. He will eat breakfast but, it usually isn't breakfast like items, it's usually leftovers. I really promote and encourage a healthy breakfast for him to start his day and these have been a great & easy compromise, especially on busy school mornings when we don't have the time to argue or warm up leftovers. I get the small ones at Sam's club and they also sell them individually at Walmarts.

Little Potato Company

My Family loves potatoes and when I discovered the Little Potato Company it makes my life so much easier! It's perfect, they come with little potatoes in a tray that you cook for 5 minutes, sprinkle the seasoning and a little olive oil or butter and you done! That's it, easy, I get mine from Walmart and it was on sale for $3!


Planet Earth II
Planet Earth II is an incredible documentary about animals and their habitat in different parts of the world. The videography is amazing and I don't know how they get some of those close up shots!?! Check it out, it's on Netflix. 

Those are my March 2018 Favorites and a little recap from our Easter weekend! 

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Talk to you soon,

March 29, 2018


Hi Friends!

Last Sunday we took the kids bowling!!! Saturday & Sunday it was raining and we needed to get out of the house and do something productive and fun and since we hadn't been bowling in a long time, we decided it would be a fun family activity.

First off it was Naomi's first time bowling and secondly the last time we went bowling I think Maddie was 4 years old! So it had been a little while... 🎳

You gotta get a family selfie or otherwise you were never there, ha!

Surprisingly Bryce was really good at bowling!?!

 I mean I'm not really surprised because Bryce is pretty good at everything he does but, never the less, I was pleasantly surprised! 

p.s. I love this picture of Bump, this is his real smile that I'm not always able to capture.

The girls used a little helper that gave their bowling balls a little extra roll and it helped them to line the ball up to the pins.

Naomi loved bowling and I mentioned it before but, it was her first time and she caught on really well!

Bump in action!

Strike a pose!

Mommy-Son Selfie.

After we were bowling for a little while they turned the lights down, put the music on and lit the track lights along the lanes.

Don't the lights look cool!?!

lunch at the bowling ally

I thought I snapped a full picture of the pizza and salad we ordered for the table, but we had a fun bowling ally lunch between turns!

Of course Bryce and Jer had to hit up the arcade area before we left...

Below I filmed a little video for you all to see of our time at the bowling ally!

Family time is so important to me, whether it's family walks in nature, games, movies, cards, going out to eat or an actual outing, I love just making memories together!

Most importantly it's not the big times you spend together, it's the little things they remember most. 

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I hope you all have a great day and enjoyed my little recap of our Sunday Family Bowling!


March 22, 2018


Hi Peeps, today I'm talking about Life Lately and let me start off by saying Happy Spring!!! 🌷🌷🌷 

More importantly, we made it thru another Midwest winter. Winters here are so unpredictable and you never know how they are going to go but this one felt looooong and punishing...
I know we are only in March and we still have chilly days, but I'll take the warmer temps forsure.

I am welcoming Spring with open arms and I know the kids are too.

My mommy heart can't believe how big Bumper is getting and that he'll be in middle school next year.

The girls have been into playing dress-up lately and Naomi chose to wear her Elena of Avalor dress to the bus stop.

They also love to run around the house in their "clicky" shoes!

We LOVE taking family walks together.

During the week after dinner or in the morning after breakfast on the weekends. The kids are such troopers and now they ask me if we can go on a family walks!

The more challenging the better!

When we walk down to the creek, sometimes we will take a different route to mix it up or go further and see different parts we weren't use to before.

 This was St. Patrick's Day right after breakfast!

We just threw sweatshirts & jackets and went out the door.

I love to see Bryce in the wild.

Now that the time has changed and the temps are warmer, the kids are back on the circle swing all. the. time.

Spirit season 4 released on Friday and the girls binged watched it on Saturday!

Did I tell you that we canceled our cable at the end of the year?

Maddie had her 3 year post h.u.s. check up at her pediatric Nephrologist's office last week.

We are doing good and all her levels are back to normal and have stayed normal, hallelujah!!!  

If you'd like to read more on her H.U.S. journey click here.

Since it hasn't been so cold anymore, I've been walking to get the kids off the bus instead of driving the car with the heater on blast.

On March 8th was Naomi's 2 year, "Gotcha" day anniversary, if you missed that post you can check it out here!

The kids have changed a lot over the last 2 years.

All decked out for school.

Below is my week #10 daily vlog and spoiler alert, this will be my last weekly vlog for a little bit. I'm going to take about 2 months off and pick up in the summer. I have a few things that I am working on personally and for my family and I need to focus most of my attention on those needs for now. 

I plan on putting videos up before then, but it won't be a weekly vlog, maybe more like a day, Easter, a weekend??? Something more along the lines of that, at least for a little bit.
I will still be blogging, so check back weekly!

Talk to ya soon, 
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