July 17, 2017


Heeeyooo, Happy Monday!

I know Mondays aren't always greeted with happiness but, recently I was reminded to stop thinking negatively or worrying about everything that could go wrong. Instead to think positively and look for the good things in everyday! 

In our little town, there's a church that puts up a new quote every week and last week's quote read:

"Worrying is interested paid on a debt that never comes due..."

Ain't that the truth, right!?! Nothing good comes from worrying and I'm a worrier, if one thing goes wrong, it's like great...there goes the whole day, ha, but really it is such a minor thing to get worked up about. 

I'm a work in progress, and man do I have a lot of things to work on, and I always will... 

I don't want this Monday's post to be all heavy and stuff but, I thought I would share because this is a blog and blogs are meant for sharing! 😁

Ok, let's get on with a little dairy life lately...

I love spending special time with my Brycee-Boy, it's important for me to carve out time for just me and him since he is so patient.

One of the days last week, we took the John Deere Gator out for an evening cruise around the dairy. 

Any farm kid knows that when you are young and you're old enough, your job is to open the gates for your parents to drive through.

Naomi opens gates now too! :)

Evening grazing.

Heifers are very curious animals!

Our Little Tikes Slam n' Curve Slide has been with us for going on 4 SUMMERS!!!

This thing has paid for itself over and over and over, now it is considered free play!

This is a summer staple that I recommend for any family with young kids. It will last if you take care of it!


I love this picture of Naomi that my Mom took, this showcases her personality!

The next few pictures are a random assortment of pictures taken all with in a few minutes of each, this is what everyone was doing on Thursday.

Bryce with his arsenal of little water guns-spraying everybody but, we really didn't care because it was soooo hot and humid!

Mom watering & graining the calves.

The girls saying hi to some of the newest members of the dairy that were just born...

Dad at the end of the milking shift...

and Jer wasn't home from work yet.

Our skies here is Southwest Missouri get painted with some of the most beautiful cloud formations!!!

Last week I shared a post all about Madison's Quiet Time Backpack.

The girls filling their bird houses with seed.

Saturday we headed out bright n' early to beat the heat & humidity to grab donuts and head to the park.

This park is really big and has a lot of things for the kids to play, this is their favorite park!

That was our little dairy life lately...

I hope you all are having a great summer and talk to you all soon,

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July 14, 2017


Today I have a very special post for you all, it's all about Madison's Quiet-Time Backpack that my sister Riley & Tia Rocky made for her! 
*If you are new to my blog or you're just not aware, Madison was born at 24 weeks, weighing 1lb.4oz. and has high functioning autism. 
(She also struggled with sensory issues and continues to go to speech & occupational therapy)

You know how at the end of every school year, kids are getting so excited to stay home, play, no more teachers...well Maddie, she loves going to school! Maddie likes to see her teachers, she likes to see her friends, she likes to eat at the cafeteria, and most of all she loves her routine. Well when school is out for the summer, the whole first month is usually met with meltdowns, anxiousness and a lot of crying. 
(I'll have links for everything below the pictures & Maddie made a video sharing what's in her backpack at the bottom of this post.)

Last year when Maddie would come off the bus, she needed a little time to transition to being at home and decompressing from her school environment. Because Naomi would of already been home for a few hours (preschool) and she would be ready to play with Maddie,well that started melt downs & screaming. So we started Maddie's Quiet Time where she usually goes to my room, watches her favorite cartoon or YouTube channel and then maybe 15-30 minutes later she would come out on her own when she was ready.

This has worked very well for Maddie and it was part of her routine.

Well summer came and her schedule was off, her schedule was way off!
One day I was venting to my sister that the whole first month of Maddie being home or longer is just so exhausting because she's crying all the time, not knowing what to do, melting down over the littlest thing, just very unsettled.

Behold the QUIET-TIME BACKPACK, my sister very kindly surprised Maddie with a special backpack loaded with some of her favorite things and little things to help her focus.

Backpack (exact one-sold out, similar one linked)

All the contents inside the backpack go back into the backpack when she's done playing, and the backpack stays in my room. Those are the rules to keep her backpack special.

That's all the contents of Madison's special Quiet-Time Backpack that my Sister & Aunt so kindly put together for our Maddie!

If you would like to see a very informal video of Maddie sharing all her special things in her backpack watch the video! 

I would love to hear how you help get your kids to calm down? 😁


July 7, 2017

4TH OF JULY (2017)

Happy Friday Friends!

Is it just me or does today feel like Wednesday? I'm all messed up on my days since the 4th of July was on a random Tuesday, lol! 

Around here we start getting excited about the 4th of July when we start seeing the firework stands pop up along side the freeways, in town and we actually have a fireworks manufacturing facility in town!

Bryce is your typical boy and Jer is your typical man who loves to light fireworks, they live for this day!!!

We always barbecue hot dogs, have macaroni or potato salad, chips, soda & of course s'mores, the all american meal.

These girls couldn't contain their excitement when it came time to make s'mores!!!

(photo cred: Mom)

I was able to snag a cute picture of Naomi enjoying her version of a s'more (since she doesn't like chocolate) just a toasted mallow & a graham. 

After all the fireworks we done, the girls wanted to help Dad & Grandpa clean up and Bryce was just so excited about the whole evening!!!

I hope you all had a safe & exciting 4th of July and talk to you soon,
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