February 12, 2018


Happy Monday Friends & Family!

Today the kids are home from school due to our weekend ice storm that never melted... Good thing we had plenty of firewood and we had the foresight to go grocery shopping on Friday.

Today the sun is out in full force and everything is starting to melt, Thank God! I honestly don't think the kids have been to school on a Monday in weeks and now Maddie is to the point where she isn't happy about snow (or ice) days, but Bryce is, ha!

During the week we had two days were the weather was beautiful, full of sun and warmth. 
Warmth to us is low 50's, lol, hey we'll take what we can get!

One of those days I surprised the kids with Vanilla Shakes after school from McDonald's.

Usually they ride the school bus home, but on this particular day, I picked them up from school and had the shakes waiting in the car for their enjoyment!

On this particular day, I walked around the property to enjoy some sun and take a few pictures!

Here's the dog water I refreshed by taking out the frozen ice cylinder and replacing with fresh water.

During the day, Naomi is here just with me so she was keeping herself busy on the scooter & bike, while I was snapping some pictures of the farm.

I snapped this picture of the working alley and just thinking about how much life happened right here and all the memories that were made...

We will always have our memories. ❤

Bye-Bye sun, Hello ice!

Jeez was it cold outside, it looks cold and it was cold!!!

Frozen barbed wire is always a beautiful sight.

Jarret and I were talking about how we've all learned how to live and survive in different parts of the United States were Southern California living is pretty easy, but living in the Midwest is a whole nother ball game! You always have to be ready for the extreme changes in the weather and be ready because if you're not, it's still coming.

This week is Valentine's Day and you should make one of my most pinned recipes, Popcorn Surprise, so good! 

Below is Weekly Vlog #6 and I tilted this Real Talk because in the beginning, I talked about real-authentic stuff that I'm going thru and struggling with and what I'm doing to work thru my own personal struggles.

I hope you enjoy and talk to ya soon!


February 7, 2018


Lately I've felt like we live in the Arctic tundra right now...⛄

As soon as some daylight/warmer temps appear, BAM the cold weather is back and it seems like we are out buying another truck load of wood, lol!  

Since the ground hog saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter...I'm guessing he was right, because this past Super Bowl Sunday brought snow and icy temps.

Monday the kids had a snow-day due to hazardous road conditions. So it was more inside for us... 
(errhh, mom pulling her hair out)

The girls stayed in their pajamas all day and either played in their rooms, snacked, watched movies, built forts, colored...I think you get the picture, pretty much went thru everything they have! 

Bryce played video games, watched YouTube, we all watched a movie together but when the weather is nasty, you pretty much just hunker down and keep busy inside. 

I spent majority of the day decluttering, purging and going through old boxes I had in my closet, some had medical supplies from when Maddie was little. It seems like so-so long ago and at the time seemed like it would never end!

Now she's a sassy seven year old, full of heart and lots of spunk.

Below is my Weekly Vlog #5 ⇊ 

Yep you read that right, number 5, I am making some tweaks to the way I film (err, the amount of days) but for the most part I'm going to do my best at keeping this up. 

Enjoy the video, give it a thumbs 👍up & subscribe 🔔 please!

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January 30, 2018

LIFE LATELY 1/21 - 1/27/2018

Hey y'all, how's everything going!!?! 

We are hopefully back into a groove over here with no more missed school days because of snow. Now the school year is extended by 3 days, I believe and now two school holidays are given up as well...

I am not sad over here that January is ending because it has been soooo cold lately, although last week we had a few warmer days. The girls keep asking, "When is it going to be Spring?!?" Soon, I hope!

Lately we have been pretty boring with not much going on...

This past weekend Jer & I cleaned and organized our storage unit, organized the wood room and deep cleaned my car ( the inside) and heaven knows it needed it. With all the winter weather it has been through..., it needed a good vacuuming and wipe down. But now the car feels so nice and clean and I hope it stays like this for a while. 

Here's a little assortment of some random picture below:

Bryce lookin sharp headed to school.

Maddie at the dentist last week.

She was getting sealants put on her molars.

When the weather is nice out, you better believe we are going for a walk down to the pond.

Maddie actually snapped this picture of Naomi outside our storage unit, she was playing with some Easter eggs that we found while we were cleaning.

Sunday the weather was so nice that the girls got the power-wheels out.

Yep, you are seeing that picture correctly, I had to start the fire box back up on Monday... 

When I picked Naomi up from preschool is was 24℉ with windchill, it was cold!!!

Below ⇩ is my latest installment, weekly vlog #4. I usually put it up on Monday morning, early, but I had major technical difficulties with my computer on Sunday that I wasn't able to edit or upload til yesterday.

So here ya go!!!

I hope you enjoy and see ya next week,

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January 22, 2018


Hey y'all, Happy Monday...

Today I am so excited to get back to my regular scheduled program!!!

We have just come off of having 5 snow days in a row, I repeat 5 snow days! If I add it all up the kids were actually at home for 9 days in a row and let me tell you about cabin fever...it is a thing. It's one thing to be home for that many days during warmer weather where we could go outside and play but, when the majority of the temps were under 20...yah, you are inside!

To be honest I think we made the most of it with what we were aloud to do, but it was cruel unusual punishment and I can't imagine living like that for months on end. 

A few of the things the kids did to keep their hands busy were playdoh, kinetic sand, video games, watching movies, drive the r.c. car around the house, coloring, drawing etc...

Thankfully Thursday the temperature broke and we went grocery shopping, Friday we went for a nature walk ( pictured below) and the kids were able to play outside over the weekend. 

Bryce snapped this picture of me. 

When you are in the bottom pasture and you sit by the pond, the real world seems so far away...

Being in nature is my kind of church, that is where I feel recharged and renewed.

Earlier in the week we had so much snow on the ground the kids enjoyed a few days of  "pool sledding"and it was fun to watch and laugh!

The kids loved it!

By Saturday all the snow was gone and it warmed up to a balmy 50.

Sunday Jer and Bryce pulled the blue tractor out of the shop and gave it a bath.

We also swept and sprayed the milk barn out and let it get some warmer fresh air flowing thru.

Otherwise it has been closed up like a steel trap with the automatic propane heater on to keep the pipes from freezing!

Can you believe, I've kept up with the weekly vlogging!?! 

Week 3 went up today and I'm getting myself into a groove now with filming & editing. It's a little over 20 minutes but, I had so much footage because of all the snow play!

I hope you enjoy,

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January 15, 2018


Good Morning and Happy Monday from snowy Missouri! ⛄

As I'm sitting here at my desk writing this blog post, it is still snowing! It looks so peaceful outside right now, everything is quiet and wind is blowing so the snow is coming down at an angle. ❄❅❄ 

The kids are home from school today on another snow day and Jer is at work.

So far the kids have had 3½ snow days this year and the key is not to run thru all your tricks too quickly, ha!

Yesterday I walked around the farm, by myself and the dogs, quietly taking pictures and taking in all the beauty that this property has to offer...   


This one right here ↑ is probably my favorite.

The back pasture is where our cows use to be!

All is warm and quiet, shielded from the storm in the loafing barn.

The cows would of been nice & warm.

Below ↓ is my 2nd installment of our weekly vlog, just click on the video to watch!

I'm going for 5 out of the 7 days-ish and trying to keep it between 15-20 minutes, which is really hard.
If I did all seven days that is about 2.8 minutes from each day, so keep in mind that this really is just a tiny little peak into our lives. 

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Talk to ya soon,
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