March 22, 2017


Hey all, Happy Wednesday!

Two things before I start this post:

1. The blogs have been spotty because mainly we've all been sick, contemplating a few things relating to my blog and practicing giving myself grace if I don't have a post ready. 
Which brings me to my second topic...

2. I totally and royally had a "Mom Fail"! I forgot about Maddie's 1st grade concert, how did I do that...I remember seeing the paper last week, "filing" in the pile of school papers and that's where it stayed till my girlfriend texted asking if Maddie was going and we also passed the school on the way out to eat wondering what all the cars were there for!!! So like I said above, I need to give myself grace on this, Jer has told me repeatedly to not beat myself up about it but, this is the first time I've ever forgot something like this...

Okay, here's a little life lately! 

Saturday Morning I was doing dishes and noticed all the turkeys in the back pasture. So of course like I normally do, I grabbed my camera with the awesome zoom lens and walked as close as I could with out scaring them off to capture this beautiful beast! 

Bryce had a dentist appointment last week and still no cavities, yayyy!!!

If you can't tell from the picture, he was not feeling well at all, it was his turn with the cold. As soon as we left the dentist office and got back home, I started dinner and he told me he was going up stairs. I called him down for dinner but he never showed up...

He was knocked out asleep for at least 3 hours!!!

When he came down stairs he was wondering were dinner was and where is everyone, haha, poor guy.

This past week Jarret's been pretty busy, we got a load of cows that showed up late Friday night so it was all hands on deck the few days leading up!

Maddie was reading Grandma's book and we're so proud of her because she reached her 125% A.R. goal, so now she gets to go swimming at the YMCA! That is what she really wanted and she was determined to get it!

Naomi has been loving the change in weather, now when she comes home from preschool she can be outside playing and swinging on this little blue swing we have rigged up. 

Last weekend we put the little play kitchen outside on the back deck so they can get more use of it, otherwise it was sitting in the corner of the room getting no attention.

Friday was St. Patrick's day and we celebrated with having Lucky Charms for breakfast and doing a funny picture on Instagram Story, the kids picked out the stickers!

Last week we rigged up a new water line for a water trough we put up in the back pasture. 

Bryce was Jarret's little helper that day, err, he's always his Dad's helper.

Saturday morning sun!

There's my Dad standing over by the gate! 

He's making sure no one cows get through.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon is usually the days I milk. Those are the afternoons the boys don't work, it works out that they both get 1½ days off.

Milking two days a few week keeps my mind fresh in that department and honestly, I don't mind.

The kids had a four-day weekend this past week and we initially planned on going away for the two nights but with the cows showing up...that didn't happen, next time!

Sunday we walked out into the back pasture to push some cows up.

They wanted to lay way-way back in the farthest part and didn't know Jer put their feed out.

Sunday afternoon I had my partners with me to push up all the milk cows for afternoon milking.

Monday I took the girls to Sam's Club to go get Maddie's glasses tightened and adjusted because they were so loose and slipping down her nose constantly. 

Now they are much better and they lucked out with a slice of pizza too!

That's a little life lately and if you didn't see my post on Monday, where I linked up to talk about Workin' Work Life and Mom Life, check it out!

Have an awesome day and I'll talk to you all soon,
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March 20, 2017


Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing how I balance work & home life with a monthly link up I participate in called, Workin' It Wednesdays. I know it's not Wednesday but they changed the day to today ok!?! ☺

Balancing work & home life...I'm not sure if I balance it at all, but I do my best!

Here's the thing, I work at the same location where I live.
I work on the family's dairy, I help in the office and I'm a stay at home Mom; I also blog in the morning! There's a lot of gray, it's not like I punch out from a particular office, take off my work hat and come home to the kids with my Mom hat on.
But here are some of the things I try and do:
I try and have the kids with me as much as possible!

Here the girls and I (Maddie is hiding behind Naomi, she didn't want her picture taken) gathering the cows for the afternoon milking. They love to ride on the John Deere Gator with me.

The girls went on an "adventure walk" with Jer and I while we pushed up some other cows.

Here's Bryce helping us rig up a new water line. 
See we always try and have them with us, weather permitting and of course if it's is safe or not. I know sometimes kids just want to be kids and now they are all getting older where I can leave them in the house with a snack and a movie and be right outside doing yard work, helping Jarret or being in the barn. 
They know to come get me and I always go in and check on them.
My kiddos are all in school and that is huge because I try and get as much stuff done until it's time for Naomi to get picked up from preschool. Also the big kids started riding the bus home, major time saver for me, otherwise all day I was going back n' forth from home to school! Stopping and starting what I was working on and never getting too much done.

While Naomi is at preschool I try and get done as much done as possible, whether it be: grocery shopping, picking up the house, laundry, yard work, helping Jarret on the dairy, working in the office or going to the gym!

These few hours while Naomi is gone is a big time crunch because I have no kiddos.

Usually when I have to milk in the afternoon it's lately been on the weekends or a Friday-Saturday deal, but during the week in the afternoon I'm just Mom and help with homework, watch them play outside, sit down and eat dinner together and talk about the best and worst parts of our day.

I have to create boundaries for when it's my time to work and time to just be a Mom.


I work out 3 times a week for my mental and physical health! It would be safe to say that my mental health sort of comes first and my physical health is benefited by working out. This is when I get to talk with my girlfriend Abby, who actually just lives right down the road but, we are both two busy Moms and this is our "me" time!

Everyone knows that Monday-Wednesday-Friday and sometimes Thursday I am at the gym till 9, if they need me, it will be after that!

I have to create boundaries or the dairy or house stuff can suck-up all the time. You know, there's always something that needs to be done in the house or on a farm. 


I try and have dinner either prepped or done by the time the big kids come home so it's all hands on deck with them. 


I couldn't do it without the help of my Mom!

Weather it's picking up Naomi for me so I can get an extra hour of work done or watching the kids when I have to milk the two afternoon shifts or helping me catch up with house stuff or helping on the dairy!

I couldn't do it without her help! 

Last but not least, Sunday is our family day, even if we have to work. We try and go out to lunch together, just Jer, me and the kids to a little Mexican restaurant we love or pizza.

Sunday is when we slow it down!  

That's my Workin' It Wednesday for ya, if you'd like to see my past ones here you go:


March 14, 2017

WEEKEND WRAP-UP 3/11-3/12/17

Hey all, Happy Daylight Savings Time!

Is anyone happy about it or is everyone getting up an hour late, ha?!? Well I know that I am happy that it is lighter-later but, loosing that hour of sleep is brutal, especially Monday morning getting the kids up for school.

Speaking of school, yesterday I had to pick up Maddie from the nurses's office. She spiked a fever and had the chills! So I brought Maddie home, Naomi made a blanket bed on the couch, I got her medicine and the girls watched cartoons. But before we made it home I stopped at my Mom's to give her some mail and Grandma ran out to the car and gave her a popsicle, oh did she love that!!!

When I was signing Maddie out from school, I forgot to tell the office to let Bryce know that Maddie wouldn't be on the bus. I thought should I call, well he'll figure it out when he doesn't see her and I went on taking care of Madison. Well when he got off the bus he already knew, haha, two teachers at school told him that they say your Mom taking Maddie home from the nurse's office!

Weekend Wrap-Up here we go!

I snapped this picture Friday afternoon, from Madison's window. Right at the time of the "golden hour", all the trees look gold!

Saturday and Sunday were COLD!!! We had a strong cold front move in that brought ice and a dusting of snow. Which leads me to my next picture...

Operation de-clutter and go through everything in the kids's rooms and Saturday was the perfect weather for this. Stay inside and do projects!

This was 1 of the boxes of extra medical supplies we had on hand for any of the times Maddie had been sick, hospitalized etc. I finally went through them after 6 years of accumulating supplies, it was time to purge the past so I can let go and begin a new chapter.
Going through those boxes gave me all the feels, happy that we don't have to use the stuff anymore, sad because we had to use all that stuff and at some points it seemed like a chapter that would never end!
It felt good that I kept one of her medical supplies boxes with a few key things that I wanted to share with her when she's older. 

Oh Brycee-Boy he loves his Buzz LightYear and Patches. Both he started sleeping with and caring for when Maddie was in the hospital and since he no longer needs then anymore, we were putting them in storage for safe keeping. He was saying one last goodbye and actually getting real emotional about letting them go. So we decided to keep patches the little puppy out and put buzz away. Although he doesn't need him anymore to fall asleep, he put him in his dresser for safe keeping.

That Patches Pup was actually Brody's, Jarret's Grandma Irma gave both Brody & Maddie a blue & pink pup and obviously we gave it to Bryce since he was never able to use it. We gave it to him when Maddie was still in the NICU and he said that patches got him through a lot of tuff times over the years. 

Saturday and Sunday (afternoons) I had to milk with Jer, this is me on a very cold tractor seat, ha, herding the cows in. I had my sweatshirt hood and my jacket hood on because the wind was blowing and boy was it cold. Good thing the milk barn is heated!!!

Here's Bryce washing the bottles after feeding calves with his Dad. The milk house was cold and the water was hot, hence all the stream and he LOVES it!!! He thinks he's a mad scientist. 

My hair's a little coo-coo from being wind blown but this was during milking on Saturday afternoon!

Sunday we didn't do too much besides go to Lowe's to pick up a few things for a project I'm doing in Bryce's room,  #operationmorestorage and go to a new favorite little Mexican restaurant for lunch. 
Then we came back to enjoy a little ice cream at home, everyone took a quick nap and then it was off to milk and grandma watch the kids...well mostly the girls!

Bryce brought home his report card on Friday and we were very happy with all the grades!!!
The two subjects that he was struggling with he brought up a whole letter grade and we were very proud of him for that and all the other grades were good too.

Third to Fourth grade is tough!

Maddie brought home an excellent report card except for her music class and computer class grade, lol, she thinks music class is too long and boring and the computer class teacher and Maddie don't get along, ha!

Naomi doesn't get "report cards" in preschool but she had a waaaaayyyy better week in school then the following week, hooray! 

That was our weekend, talk to you soon!
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March 10, 2017


Hey bout a little life lately!??

I'm just going to jump right in...

Wednesday marked Naomi's 1 year anniversary of her "Gotcha Day"! Gotcha day just means the day we "got her" and it is a special day to celebrate. I can't believe she has already been with us for a year! She has grown so much in that relatively short amount of time. 

The kiddos are doing great in school and what they are most excited about is the fact that they get to play outside recess, because when the weather is cold they have to play in the gym or their classroom. 

I'm sure the teachers are excited about that as well, ha!

Bryce is in this stage where he likes to have headphones on when he is on the phone watching something or listening to music but, not any headphones, his Dad's nice ones and it drive Jarret crazy, lol!

But on the other hand Bryce is a dam-good skidsteer operator!

He is a natural when it comes to operating equipment, he's not to hard on the tractors, very cautious and likes everything to be just so. 

He's such a good, well rounded boy!

I love to watch him do his thing... 😁

Yesterday Jer needed my help to get the manure spreader's door back up. When the ram shuts the door, the door doesn't go down straight, so then it doesn't want to lift. So while Jer put tension on the door with the chain, I lifted to handle to make the door go up and up went the door!

So for the rest of the day while Jer was spreading manure, the door stayed open, haha!!!

We have a handful of beef cows on the farm and they've all been calving over the past month or so, can you spot the newest one...!??!

I spy with my little eye something black up there...

Down in this part of the pasture there is 3 mommas and 3 babies, the momma on top of the pond is the new calf's mom, she was getting a drink.

If the weather is nice after the kids get out of school they love to play outside!

Yesterday the girls were playing school bus and if you can't tell Maddie was the driver, lol!

That's one crazy driver right there, haha!

This picture was taken about an hour before we all had to come in because a storm was rolling in. We are now in tornado season and this week so far we've had 3 crazy thunderstorms, the kids are little troopers and have been great.

Here were some of the other passengers on the bus!

Bryce feeding calves, his afternoon chore.

Yesterday I helped him out a bit but, he did majority of the work.

Now the wind was picking up and we could hear thunder, the girls know that that means we need to pack everything down outside and head in. 

Our conversation:

Maddie: "Mom, I heard thunder, hurry we need to go inside!"

Me: "Ok, get your chairs, let's put all the toys away."

Naomi & Maddie: "We already did!"

***Cracking Thunder***

Naomi: "Mom, I heard the 'under'!"

Me: "Girl you did a good job, let's go inside!"

The girls are becoming pros at storm prep. 

One of the not so fun perks of living in the Midwest!

That was a little life lately and talk to you all Monday,

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