June 26, 2017

HANDLING THE BUSINESS (week in review 6/21-6/25)

Hi Friends & Family, Happy Monday!

We just came off of a beautiful weekend here in the Midwest, little to-no humidity and now this morning I woke up to rain...but it's clearing up, yay!

Before I start this post, I feel like I would be remiss not to let you in on two things...

1. Jer has a "day-job" now and I feel like I need to tell you all because that has been a major factor to why I've been more absent around here and for the frazzly-ness that has overcome me! To make all this work, my responsibilities on the dairy have increased immensely, on top of having the kids home during summer. Having the kids home for the summer makes it hard because most of this, if not all, would be happening while they are at school. We also have to be home by 12 to push our cows in off of the pasture, which makes my window of time to get things done pretty small. Jer milks the morning shift before work, I milk the afternoon shift with the help of my Dad and as a team we get it all done.

2. I started using my Erin Condren notebook as a bullet journal for planning & daily tasks and it is helping so-so-so much!!! It is sort of like a brain-dump for me. It offers me the ability to get it all out on paper, however I want or as it flows and I don't have to keep replaying it over and over so I won't forget. I think the lack of structure is freeing, now my penmanship & drawings can use some help, haha! If you are curious what "bullet-journaling" is, Google image it and you'll see an array of  beautiful spreads.

Now that I let you in on two major factors that have changes the course of my day, lets get on with my post!  

This was our sunset on the night of summer solstice! 

And this is what the sky looked like on the other side.

Also note that both pictures were snapped after 9 p.m.! 

Over summer I still keep to my 3 day-a-week gym schedule and I bring the kids along too!

Bryce usually accompanies me until one of his buddies shows up with his Mom and the Girls go to the daycare there.

On Tuesday & Thursday, my off days from working out, I've been taking the kids to open swim at the Y.M.C.A.

Sometimes they have friends to swim with, other times they jumping contests!

This past week I tried the Sam's Club grocery pick-up feature where you place your order online and then they have it waiting for you in the front! 

It was so nice not having to go down all the aisles with the kids but I wish they brought they groceries to the car for you...

(Sam's Club, if you are out there, you should really add that feature...)

The kids were hungry from swimming and Sam's Club pizza never disappoints! 

This has been my morning breakfast lately!

My Sister & Aunt gifted Maddie with a "quiet-time" backpack and she loves it. I'm going to do a post all about it, stay-tuned!

Saturday the girls came with me to a rare mall appearance and I treated them with Starbucks cake-pops and milk! 

Birthday Cake cake-pops to be exact!

Then as a treat for being so good while Momma's been milking, they got to pick out a little toy from Toys R Us. 
Puppy in my Pocket & Splashlings for the win!

My Mom snapped this picture of Maddie holding her kitty and I just love it.

Jarret & Bryce picked up a round bale feeder on Saturday and I think he thought he was a hampster, ha!

There she be!

Jer replacing the blades on the mower!

Sunday was filled with weed pulling and Bryce was helping me with the weed-eating!

Naomi was my little gardening helper!

Mittens was sleeping in the barbecue... 

Maddie thought it was so funny...

I painted the girls' nails pink with glitter, we called them "Princess-Nails"!!! 

Well I hope you all stay tuned and thank you for your patience while I'm adjusting to my new normal, it's nothing I can't handle!

Talk to you all soon,

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June 21, 2017


Raise your hand if you remember school being out in June and you didn't want to look at another book, pencil or math problem again!?!! And then September came and it was back to school, dun-dun-dunnn...

Now as a parent, my oldest being 11 this summer, it is so important that I keep my kids' minds engaged and still active with learning and especially reading!

Now I know the saying "let them be kids" and enjoy their summer and I totally 100% agree with that, although this is maybe 30-40 minutes out of their day and if we are just doing reading then 20 minutes; give or take.

This is all very do able, let me show you what we are doing!

Naomi is going into Pre-K this year and she so eagerly wants to be in the big kids school. She wants to do homework & worksheets so I have her doing some of Annie Moffatt's, Kindergarten NO Prep Packets ( the ones I know she can accomplish). 

I have been using The Moffatt Girls' curriculum since Bryce was in Kindergarten and he will be going into 5th grade this year and I just love everything that Annie puts out! 

If Naomi isn't doing a worksheet then she maybe doing a little arts & crafts, she loves to make cards for people or building a puzzle or doing a matching game; things like that.

Now my daughter Maddie has high-functioning Autism and is in Special Ed for all her educational based learning (reading, math, language arts) and when she completes her work in class she gets to play on ABCmouse.com. We have her log on & password information to continue the learning over summer, so everyday she may do a few lessons to earn "tickets" or she likes to go on PBSkids.org and watch episodes or Wild Kratts. 

Maddie also does about 20 minutes of reading aloud to me (4-5 days a week) and we are tracking our learning with a cute little chart and when we read so many books or stories then she gets to get a little prize! You do what you gotta do right...😁 

Maddie also likes to do arts & crafts everyday with Naomi, this is very loose and they get to do whatever they want but right now they are into making cards!

She also does NO Prep worksheets from The Moffatt Girls!

Bryce will be going into the 5th grade this year and he's a boy, so summer learning is a lot harder to sell, but we are doing a chart (just like Maddie) for reading, sort of like a reward system!

So far he received an inexpensive game for his Xbox that he'd been wanting. 

He also has some (very easy) book report type papers to fill out after he finishes a book that his reading specialist sent home to work on over the summer, not mandatory but very encouraged. I've also printed out a few math pages to work on, but with him we are really focusing on the reading because he excels in math.

Here is a great Summer Slide Statistic graphic that Annie created, I promise this blog post isn't sponsored by her at all, this is just how much I love her work and am a loyal follower since Bryce was young!

Other things the kids are doing this summer is taking brain-breaks. Everyday or at least during the week they are having quiet time where they are all sent to their rooms for naps or to lay on their beds for quiet time. More than not, they all fall asleep and when they wake up, they are refreshed and have better moods. 
Momma needs that quiet time too, ha!

We are also having a lot of outside playtime, swimming, morning cartoon watching and free-time! 

The Mehaffey's are enjoying summer learning!


June 19, 2017


Hey-Hey, How's it going!!?!

Well it's been about two weeks since I posted a new blog! Last week I posted one on Friday, I hit publish and walked away to get the girls ready and came back later in the day to realize that it never published and everything was not saved...bummer right!?! 

So life lately has been an adjustment on my part and I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with trying to keep everything together. All 3 kids are home for the summer, (summer school is out), Bryce's baseball, swim lessons, work, kid's doctors appointments, household duties...everything just came to a head and I just needed a minute to get my mind feeling straight and clear. 

Just because I haven't published a blog in 2 weeks doesn't mean I'm not thinking about my blog or life stopped in anyway, let me catch you up with a little life-lately...

Grocery shopping trips look a lot different these days and take much longer, ha!!!

I don't know how moms' take all their kids to the grocery store and stay focused...?!?

Monday was the girl's last swim lesson of the season or at least for us, I didn't sign them up for the next one because I needed a little break and will sign them back up in August.

Bryce was keeping himself busy playing with the new instagram filters while waiting on the girls, then we were rushing to the baseball field for his game, only after I milked that afternoon...see how the overwhelming feelings happen...😁

Naomi had her Pre-K physical & well visit last week and she is good to go!

She grew two inches from last year and gained 3 pounds, we also have a referral to see the eye doctor because the generic eye chart test was inconclusive and I thought it would be best just to rule it out by the specialist. 

The heat & humidity has turned itself on this past week, which means fans and sprinklers has been helping to keep the cows cool & comfortable while they are waiting to be milked. ( A very small fraction of their day) Also the fans have been on in the loafing barn to keep them cool as well!

Last Wednesday was my birthday! 

On Friday the kids & I were exploring an old barn that is special to us. My Dad had been working really hard to clean it up and we wanted to see all the progress.

Old barns have so much character, craftsmanship and individuality that you can just stare at them forever and try to think about how they were used back in their hay-day...  

Miss Maddie loves to chase & follow butterflies, see the little white one she's chasing?!?

Dabbing the barn like any kid these days... :)

The girls each received a new dress in the mail from my Grandma, they were so excited that they wanted to put them on over their clothes that they were wearing.  

Errands with the girls require snacks...a lot of snacks!

Yesterday was Father's Day and we celebrated by barbecuing hamburgers, enjoying homemade macaroni salad, barbecue beans and enjoying yummy carrot cake!

The kids and I also gave him some homemade gifts we created and also went around the table and shared what we appreciated most about Jer.

We celebrated with my Dad as well!

Here's to Monday, the start of a new week and I'll talk to ya soon,

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June 7, 2017


Hey all, how's it going!?!

For today's post I thought I would share an assortment of random pictures from the first week of June! 

June is a big month for us in my family with birthdays, our anniversary, Father's day, the start of summer and...the kids will officially be done with school all together. 

This past month Bryce and Maddie have been attending our little country school's summer school program! It's for 4 weeks and they have weekly field trips, daily swimming, and a bunch of extra classes that in this day and age they don't have time for. Bryce's favorite summer school class is inventions (not surprising) 😁, and Maddie's favorite is cooking class! The summer school program is great and next school year Naomi can't wait to attend with the big kids. 

June 3rd was our 11 year wedding anniversary!!!

Hard to believe that it has already been 11 years of marriage but there is no one else I would rather do life with...

Things have changed a little bit over here so everyday I've been having to milk one shift a day, usually the afternoon shift and maybe the mornings too, but that's usually on the weekends.

Gathering the cows up in the afternoon.

Our cows love to get themselves in the farthest part of the pasture, waaaayyyy up in the top corner, which makes for a chore to get them back!

The other morning after I dropped the Bigs off at school, I went to the gym and noticed my tire was low on air, so luckily my mobile mechanic was on the road and stopped by to fill my tire back up.
Thanks Jer!

So baseball is in full swing (get it...swing-baseball, ha) here, so every afternoon we are either at the field with practice, at a game or practicing at home on different skills.

Right now or at least at all his games so far, Bryce has been his team's catcher.

Since Naomi has no summer school, she has been my little partner when it comes to running to the grocery store. She loves it and also loves to suggest that she's hungry every 10 minutes...although she had just ate breakfast, lol! That girl and her food...

June 1st was National Drink Milk day and we celebrated by having a glass of chocolate milk with breakfast or "white" milk as Naomi calls it.

Siblings sitting in the bleachers watching their brother play... 
We always make sure we are stocked with snacks or little toys to keep busy, but when we have an out of town game the girls stay with Grandma. 

This was Monday nights game.

On our way home from the game a storm was starting to roll in and it made for a pretty drive.

On Mondays the girls have swim lessons so usually we divide and conquer, Grandma takes the girls to swim and Jer & I got take Bryce to his game. Grandpa stayed back and washed the barn down after we finished the afternoon milking.

Besides baseball or swim lessons there's been a lot of kitty cuddles.

Over the weekend I went into my old homeschool supplies and found this Squishy Baff that Bryce use to always play with, instead of filling up the bath for the girls we put it in their Step 2 sand & water table.

The girls played for HOURS putting different toys in the "Squish" or pretending they were baking, the ideas were endless!

Naomi asked me to take a picture of her doing the peace sign. ☺

Maddie checking on the kitties before school!

That was my random assortment of pictures from our first week of June.

Have a great day everyone and talk to ya soon,

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