Hi, I'm Jade...thanks for stopping by!!!

Here at Mehaffey Moments I share everything from our farm life, cooking, raising kids, projects, my favorite things, raising a child with Autism, adoption, etc.  

We are transplants from Southern California now living in rural small town Missouri and loving every minute...this is where God wanted us to be!

I love to work with my hands whether it's cooking, yard work, crafting, building, organizing, you name it! 

This is my crew!

Madison (5), Naomi (3) & Bryce (9)

My parenting style is simple, I just want to raise good-honest-hardworking-happy kiddos.

Even though some days I have to escape to Target & Starbucks for therapy, lol! :)

My husband and I have been through the ringer and have experienced things a lot of parents will never have to endure. We have had two children in the NICU born at 24 weeks, I have mourned the loss of our son Brody (Madison's twin brother) and have been in and out of the hospital with Madison her whole life. Madison also has Autism. Our Son Bryce is a very well round little guy and we are doing our best to raise a good boy in this great big world of technology. Last but not least we are in the process of adopting our little Naomi.

As a mom, sometimes I feel like I am all over the board with my kids and that's ok, that is what makes our story unique! 

This year Jer and I will be married for 10 years and I couldn't do life with out him!!!

He has been my #A1sinceDay1 :)

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet, feel free to comment below and enjoy!

You can follow me on Instagram @mehaffeymoments 

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