June 6, 2018


So as you can see from the title, we moved! The property sold back in early Spring and the agreement was that we could stay in the house till school let out. We are still in Missouri and not too far from where we use to live but it is a very different environment. Don't get me wrong, it's nice where we live but, it's like taming three little free-range chickens that have been able to roam where ever they pleased.

We are getting our new routines set up, learning how to play in a backyard & driveway, the girls are sharing a room (so far, so good) and we are adjusting to our new normal. The good thing about this week, for me is, I'm still driving the kids to summer school because I still need to be at the farm for different things.

For me it's different looking out and seeing other houses, cars or hearing different noises, etc. The whole process of moving and finding a rental house was super stressful on me! I've been trying to be positive and encouraging to the kids about the move and focusing there attention more on our up coming road trip! We are so excited, I think a change of pace & scenery will do us all good.

Finding a new routine.

After dinner on the farm, we use to go on walks together as a family and walk to the pond or creek. In needing to establish new routines to keep the same tradition we walk or the kids ride their scooters to this pond/walking trail. It's maybe 1-2 minutes from the house and there's a huge flock of geese that are there right now or for the summer.

Yesterday we went before dinner and then came back and had popsicles to cool down because it was hot!

The kids and I are enjoying watching the geese swim on the pond and there's a Momma goose and her goslings that are so cute!

Don't worry, we are not going to bother you Momma Goose.

We've also seen turtles in the pond and little wild rabbits eating grass!

This was the first day they got to see the geese!

I see some new scooters in the future...

Moving Day.

Moving day was so hot & humid and so much work!!!

The girls were troopers and Bryce really helped us out and rode with his Dad in the U-Haul. 

Team work makes the dream work!

Fun Fact: 3 years to the date is when we moved out of California.


This past Sunday, June 3rd was our 12 year wedding anniversary!

We sure have experienced a lot in these last 12 years!

If you have any road-trip tips, I'd love to hear...

Have a great day, 

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May 30, 2018


Hi Friends, today I wanted to share some random life lately pictures with ya! The weather here in Missouri has been hot & humid and we are not complaining!!! Since the weather has been pretty warm over the past few weeks, the snakes have been coming out, one day I saw 5... yes 5!!! We either relocated them to a field or if they were aggressive towards me, they took a dirt nap. Bye-Bye. Not today, not when I have young kids around. Sorry snake, you messed with the wrong Chica, lol!

In other news, ha, the cemetery has been so pretty lately. The grass is lush and green, the trees are full and on Friday there were older veterans putting flags in front of the head stones of people who served our country. 
I know I've explained it before but, in our town it's a thing. This is where people go to walk or run a "track" style path. It's mostly because this is the only location that is paved with enough area to get exercise! Last Wednesday the girls stayed home from summer school and walked with me. It wasn't the normal amount of time I usually walk but we got a little exercise.

After walking I promised I would take them to the park to play before it got too hot.

This is a new section of play ground they put in that the girls hadn't played on yet. 

On Saturday and Sunday Bryce exercised with his Mommy and the Girls stayed home with Dad! Bryce rode his bike while I power walked and it was h-u-m-i-d those morning!!! It did not take much for us to break a sweat!

Bryce would ride ahead and then catch up with me, ride ahead and catch up with me, he had fun!

This is the only place to where he has a big section of paved area to ride, otherwise he rides all over the farm.

This past weekend the kids played with the water, rode bikes, rode scooters, drove power wheels, ate yummy food, enjoyed a ton of popsicles and played water balloon games!

In the beginning of summer, right after school lets out, our schools offer summer school and since Naomi is going into kindergarten she was able to attend this year. 

When you think of summer school, you think uhhh, why would kids want to go...
Well our school make it fun, they go swimming everyday, go on field trips once a week, do cooking class, have p.e., recess and a little work, but it's all in a fun way! 

Naomi absolutely LOVES going to summer school, eating in the cafeteria, playing on the "big" playground and feeling like a big girl.

Bryce likes going too because they go on weekly field trips, he gets to see his friends, goes to cooking class, computers, p.e. and Missouri history and lets be honest...he also gets away from his sisters, ha!

Maddie goes a few days here and there a week but gets a little overwhelmed because during summer school she doesn't break off from her peers and go to her special ed class. She has to be with all her other peers the whole day and last week we had a day where she had a little melt down in the beginning of school because of how loud it was in the cafeteria and they let her go with her last year's teacher for the day, which is teaching 1st graders. So needless to say she spent the whole day with the little kids and her teacher kept her busy. 

Alright, that's my little update for today and now I need to get the kids ready for school, talk to ya soon!

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May 24, 2018


The kids love having one-on-one special time with either Mom or Dad! On Tuesday it happened to be "Special time for Maddie", that's what she likes to call it, because she had a dentist appointment and the other two were at summer school.

Out of the three, Maddie probably has the least amount of one-on-one time. Bryce stays up later than the girls and he does a lot of father-son stuff and Naomi has been home with me for over two years when the kids were at school all day. Maddie really loves these sort of days and I do too!

First stop dentist.

This was Maddie's first real cavity that needed to be filled. It wasn't a real bad one, but enough that she needed to be numbed. She is going to be our one that needs braces and other ortho intervention. They've already prepared us for what will be in our future. 

Fun Fact about Maddie: She loves to wear dresses!

The starting of the gas...which didn't end not working very well on her, hence the numbing, because her level of tolerance to sedation is very high. 
That's one thing the nurses have always told me from back in the Rady's Children Hospital days is that her body has a high tolerance.

Never the less, she handled everything like a champ and they let her pick 2 prizes out of the prize box for being so good!

Chick-fil-A for the win.

After her dentist appointment, I had a few errands to run and I was instructed by her Dad to let her pick out a little prize.

But first we stopped at Chick-fil-A for a Frosted Sunrise (it tastes like a dreamsicle) and some brunch! 

Next we stopped at Walmart.

When we went to Walmart, I gave her a $10 toy budget. Right away she picked a fur-baby. She has been wanting one of these for so long and I always try and talk her out of them because I'm not a fan of their eyes but, she loves them. 

As you can tell...I gave in and she was so happy!

Fun Fact: Maddie loves stuffed animals, a.k.a. "plushies" and small toys!

After this we went home because 1) She wanted to play with her new toy in her room and 2) we went from winter to summer and the humidity melts everything!

This was a selfie we took to send to Jarret, she wanted to show her Dad where she got her filling.

That concluded our special time out and about! When we got home she played in her room and I was busy doing stuff until it was time to pick up the other two kiddos!

Talk to you soon,


May 17, 2018


Hi Friends, we are at the very-very end of our school year and I am so excited for our summer break! The last few weeks have been filled with field trips, activities, field days, graduations etc., so it will be nice to have a little slow down.

This summer will be a lot different for us because we don't have cows to take care of and Jarret is in the thick of starting his new career and can't take any time off. For me that means trips with just the kids and I, but we are going to try and make the most of it! Although we are going to miss Jer/Dad very much.

Here's what the last week has been like lately.

D.A.R.E. & Pre-K Graduations.

Bryce's 5th grade class has been working with the local sheriff's office and their D.A.R.E. program for the past 8 weeks. Last Friday was his graduation with the program and all the students took the pledge to remain drug-free and to just say no!

I'm very proud of Bryce and the type of student & friend his has become, he such a good boy.

Preschool graduation.

Yay, Naomi graduated Pre-K and is ready for kindergarten! We made it...I made it, lol!!! 

At the end of last preschool year, she was not ready, maturity or academically but, I can say with confidence that Naomi is hands-down ready for kindergarten and she can't wait!

I can't wait to watch her soar! 

The graduation theme was "red carpet". 

This is probably my favorite picture that I snapped from graduation. She has come along way!

This was from her first day of preschool is 2016, little did we know she required glasses back then!

That concludes preschool!

Field Trips.

The kids' school does such a good job when it comes to rewarding them for their A.R. Goals or Attendance. Just like last year their good attendance field trip was to Incredible Pizza. I like to go on this field trip to help Maddie, she has a hard time in these sorts of situations when it comes to games, tokens, tickets, etc. and there is always so many kids there!

And by default, Naomi gets to tag along!

Driving the go-karts was challenging for Maddie, but I knew she could do it and she did a great job! She might of brought up the rear and drove cautiously but she did it and I was so proud of her, this really pushed her out of her comfort zone.

Bryce was on the field trip too, but this is the only picture I have of him, lol! Fifth grade boys are too busy running around with their friends!

Bryce & Maddie also went to our local park, And indoor adventure park and Maddie went to Subway with her special ed class.

 Singing Happy Birthday to Maddie.

Maddie was the only birthday in her class that fell during the summer months and so her teacher asked if I wanted to bring in cupcakes & ice cream so they can sing to Maddie, like they did with all the other students. 

Of course I said yes, but this sure threw Maddie for a loop!

So my birthday isn't this month...?

This is Madison's best friend since kindergarten.

She loved hearing everyone sing her happy birthday!!!

Mom life. 

Mom life lately has been met with ups & downs and feeling at times that I can't do this all by myself. I've always been use to having family around. Then I get good days where I feel that I can do this and it recharges me! I have waayyy more good days than I do bad, but I am ready for everything to setting down. We have a lot going on behind the scenes with decisions and moving pieces so, it's been a bit stressful.

A lot has happened this year and it's brought big changes for us as a family so it hasn't been easy getting use to our new normal. I heard something yesterday that said, "It's ok to feel sad, mad, angry, depressed, defeated...let it out, but just don't stay there." And that's the key, don't stay in that state.

Jarret and I are making changes to better our family but they just can't all happen at once, even if we want them too! 

Today was the last day of school for Naomi and tomorrow is the last day of school for Bryce & Madison. 

Good days are ahead and I'm ready for lots of family time, meeting my nephew for the first time (hello, almost 9 months old already) and fun in the sun!

Talk to ya soon,

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