I didn’t post anything last week because I was super busy…so I will just show you some pictures that I took of quiet time activities:

He is our resident Lego expert…he can build anything, they’re very elaborate and symmetrical.

 It’s not done yet but I just had to take a pic of his “creation” before he changed it up. 

This was her first time finger painting and she loved it! I save my empty yogurt containers to put finger paint in, so after they are done I can just put them in the trash and clean up was easy!

Bryce of course was painting a robot…surprisingly it kept both of them still and quiet for awhile!

One of Bryce’s goals in school this week was practice his sight words and he loves this game called “roll a sight word” using dice and seeing which sight word is going to win! Here’s the link:


Madison loved her little playdoh!!! 

Last but not least…PUZZLES! Bryce and I had so much fun building together!

Now that is some pics of quiet time activities we did last week I hope you enjoyed!!!


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