We had such a GREAT Valentines Day this year! Jarret and the kids got me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and an sbux card…for special treats. The kids and I made homemade cards and Bryce gave his Dad a dollar because he said, “his Dad works so hard.” We had a day filled with school, scavenger hunts, art projects, baking, soccer practice and cooking.  I didn’t have to work on the dairy that day because my mom was out of town, so we were able to accomplish ALOT.

First we started out the day with french toast for a special vday breakfast and little miss-sassy loved it!

His teacher told us to get an old tissue box and decorate it for his valentines to go in…

This is half way done…he put foam stickers and I cut out hearts for him

AND here is his finished project, I think it turned out AH-mazing! His art skills have really come along way lately, I know that sounds funny because how hard can kindergarten art be, BUT he take his time drawing and telling the story about the pictures now. 

We also made a heart shaped cake too!  I set all the ingredients out in little bowls so all he had to do was pour them into our kitchen aid mixer that he LOVES to turn on and off. 

 At the end of their scavenger hunt there was a box they decorated with a tea set for Sass and legos for Brother. I just thought this was so cute because she had her little finger out while she was having her tea.  

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