So today when I got to work, I noticed all the beef calves were up by the water trough to get some water so I slowly walked over there to do a “wellness” check since we have had some sick beef calves recently. 

They all looked happy and healthy! 

As soon as I took the picture and got a little closer they took off.

Then they stopped to see if I was still going to get any closer…

Here came the stragglers that were enjoying some salt.

Then Jarret, Bryce and I got ready to milk a cow that went down in the barn.
Now she gets milked once a day and gets turned out to walk around, get her legs strong again and eat as much hay as she wants.
She has made herself a pet.  I think it was her plan!!!

After we get done milking her, we will add her milk to the mixture for the baby calves to drink later.

Entertaining himself while we milk the cow!

He’s enjoying his summer break.

Bryce and I are riding back to the barn on the trailer.

He doesn’t want me to take his picture…

Now to put the sheep away, they also have got use to being turned out everyday.
And also have got use to being put back in there pen (finally!) when you whistle to them.

Time to feed all the calves! We have about 98 calves on bottle right now.  This one was born two days ago and was a very hungry little bull.

NOW…to check on the project going on at the house!

We will be pouring cement all along the side yard.

What does a boy do when he sees a whole bunch of fresh dirt?
Get his TRACTORS of course!!!

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