SO…my sons room looks like THIS!!! Embarrassing but, keepin it real. This is what happens when a family gets busy!

He thought it was fine; so I left it like that for a WEEK to see if it would get old.  It started to bother him because he could not find toys her was looking for, Lego he was looking for etc. 

What am I going to do with all those Legos???  I already have bins for them, and he has a lot of Legos so I decided to sort them by color.

This was an over whelming task…

Luckily I had the help of my Mom and we powered through. If it was overwhelming for her and I, I know it was to big of a task for Bryce. His room just got so out of control!

First, we just picked up everything in his room except the Legos.

Second, we made his bed and took a whole bunch more Legos out from underneath.

Thirdly, we just started sorting…and sorting…and sorting… 


Half way there…

My daughter loved to walk all over the Legos while we were sorting. Luckily her teacher came so we could complete the task with out her little feet getting in the way.

Almost done…


Now to put the lids on and put them back where they go.

It feels so much better seeing them sorted by color and having them all nicely tucked away.

Bryce loved it!

One MAJOR project was completed that day; it feels nice to check something off the list.

Then it was off to work…

Thanks for stoppin by!


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