This past weekend we went to a beautiful wedding in San Diego; right by Harbor Island.  The wedding was really nice, the food was excellent and my husband got to visit with his family that we don’t see very often.  We stayed the night in a hotel that was right next to the wedding, that’s where the rest of the family stayed as well.  This was the first night that we both were gone from Madison, besides any of the times she was in the hospital.  It was nice to have a little break from her spirited-self, but we kept talking about what she would be doing or saying, we missed her.  BUT, we had some nice quality time with Bryce.

Not very often do we get a nice family picture…

Jarret’s eyes are usually closed!

Father-son photo…

Bryce is getting soooo big!

Play-in with his cousins…

He loved the appetizers!!!

With his big toothless grin…

That was the backdrop of the wedding!

This was the next morning.

 We went for a walk around the hotel before we left.

Good thing I brought his scooter…

It was sooo overcast and cold the next morning!

It’s nice to visit the beach, but I could live without the overcast mornings. I like to see the sun bright and shiny in the morning.

The hotel had these cool water features all around the hotel walk ways.

Now time to go home and pick up Madison!

We went to the hotel gift shop and picked Madison up a cute little stuffed sea turtle to bring her back a prize.

We brought my Mom back a Starbucks iced black tea that she LOVES, well loves is an understatement to say the least.  When we gave my Mom and Madison their treats, Madison only cared about the TEA!!!  That girl knows a Starbucks cup…

She probably would of been happier with and Starbucks, oh well I tried.

All-in-all we had and nice weekend together and to top it off, Jarret & Bryce went to go see Fast and the Furious at the movies with my family.  Nice way to round out the weekend for them.

I stayed home with Madison and “tried” to catch up on laundry…that I can never get caught up on!

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