Back to school Haul-

Back to school shopping is HERE! This is our BIG crayola haul that was a gift from my wonderful, terrific and supportive parents for the kids.

Markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, pencil boxes…

Don’t you just love school supplies?

I have a Lakeshore Learning Store haul coming up too!

The boy that is getting so big, but is still my little guy-

My little guy is getting so big, he will be 7 next month! How did that happen? Where did the time go?  

He was helping his Grandpa spray out the back of the wash pen that day. He loves to ask Grandpa a million questions when they are together and my Dad just loves it, haha!

He saw me coming with the camera and tried to take off, but I got him anyways. So he indulged his Mom and gave me a couple cute Brycey smiles.

Oh did I mention, he LOST ANOTHER TOOTH!  The tooth fairy is working overtime this year.

Getting her first haircut and turn 3-

Madison had her first haircut this week. I know, 3 and she is just getting a haircut? Well her hair didn’t really grow  until she started to get healthy. Her beautiful curly hair has just taken off this year! I also got a trim too.

It looks like we are in someones kitchen…we are, that’s my Mom’s and my sister cuts hair for a living.

It takes a village to keep her still…

This is the 10,564th picture that I have of me and one of the kids where I actually look nice and the kids are either looking away, closed eyes or my face doesn’t look fat. I only have like 5 pictures that we are all looking at the camera and look nice. 

I guess I will just keep trying!

We gave Madison a Doc McStuffin’s fold out couch for her birthday. Bryce likes sitting on it with her too.

Both Grandparents gave her Doc McStuffin’s toys as well, they know how much she loves that show.

That was a few pictures to wrap up the week, now to get ready for camping.

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