Yesterday we cleaned all the water troughs in the calf pens.  We generally clean their water troughs about every 7-10 days, BUT we have been doing it more frequently due to the extreme heat.  I have noticed the more we have been cleaning the water troughs the more water they have been drinking which is good for their digestive system, hydration levels and overall health. Bryce and I have took it upon ourselves to make it our job that we do together. I am also teaching him at the same time about WHY it is important that animals have clean water to drink. One day this will be his job that he can do all on his own when he gets a little older.  He’s almost there…

Work isn’t work when I get to have my little guy with me.

I try and fill his brain with everything he needs to know so he can be the best Bryce he can be!

Here is the first water trough that we came to. This is the before picture. The “stuff” at the bottom is from the calves coming to get a drink of water after they eat and food falling out of their mouths into the water.

First you drain ALL the water out of the trough and push all the debris out the drain too.

The calves know when we are cleaning the water. This calf was drinking strait from the fresh water.

Second we fill the water trough half way with fresh water so we can scrub the walls with a wire brush.  Bryce likes to do this job.

After he scrubs an area I come after him and wash the sides with a softer brush.

Third, we empty all the cleaning water out of the trough.

The calves just can’t wait for the fresh cold water; it was ONLY 107 outside!

Fourth you put the drain cap in and fill the water trough back up.

Now the water trough is clean again…

Here is the second water trough we cleaned. Now we just have two more to go…

You can see how fresh clean water increases the water consumption, especially on a hot day.

It is definitely a nice and satisfying thing to see!

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