OKAY!!!  I am finally posting my pantry organization project, before and after pictures. It took me a little while to get this project complete before I shared the final pics.  I wanted to make sure that everything actually worked in their new spots. AND…they are! It makes you WANT to put away groceries and put them away in their right containers. I have found in the last week or so that it is sssoooooo much easier to see what you have when they are in clear or glass containers. I added some new organizational components to the pantry and moved the old ones that were there to another spot.  (I will use them later in another projects coming up!) I cleaned out so much outdated/stale food that I didn’t even know what back their because I couldn’t see it.  

Here are the before and afters…

Doesn’t that look soooo much better!?!?  Lighter, fresher, breathe easier, happy….

It is definitely the little things in life that make me happy!

The top shelf was a real mess, NOW it houses backups. (paper products, kitchen towels etc.) 

The containers that I bought for this project are by OXO.  They are AH-MAZING!  I purchased my 12-piece set at Sam’s Club for a really good price. You can find the 10-piece set on Amazon if you do not have a Sam’s membership. I also saw that Walmart has a cheaper version by Better Homes and Garden’s that would work too, the plastic is just a little thinner and the top closes differently.

I had to move the shelf up a bit to fit the height that I wanted to go but it worked out just fine.  Also I was going to put chalk board labels by Martha Stewart on the clear part of the container and write what was in them but I decided, I didn’t want to cover up the pretty clear view.  So I just used my handy-dandy label maker and put the label on the rim, I like it better that way.

 Secondly I bought a pack of shelf dividers to split the shelf in half so I have more room for cans or jars.  Before I couldn’t see what I had in those green baskets for my canned goods and condiments.  Two of them I utilized in a different area and  the condiments one moved to the spice cabinet. (Future project)

My chicken broth boxes fit perfectly in that spot on the right.  I know I don’t have that many cans or jars BUT it seems like in the summer we really don’t consume that much can/jar stuff, just wait until the fall/winter and I start making a lot more soups and chilis.

This is the bottom part of the pantry. The first shelf holds mostly the kids snacks (granola bars, snacks and cookies).  The second has k-cups, extra pasta and tea.  The bottom has nesting bowls, lunch boxes and extra drinks. I purchased those green bins from The Dollar Tree last year, love them.

The left side of the bottom pantry has paper products and plastic spoon, forks and straws in mason jars and the bread bin.

 The other part is my baking shelf. Now this system I have had in place for two years and it works perfectly.  I have all my odd shaped baking things in this fabric bin and when I am going to bake I just pull it out and set it on the counter. I grab things out of there as needed and replace when done and slide the bin back in its spot and it still looks corralled and organized.  I put these various baking powders in Snapware containers that I know longer was using, labeled them and they have worked seamlessly for about two years. That was one of my best ideas yet!

One of my other shelves has some oatmeal, protein powder and pancake mix that I use frequently.  The fabric bin holds all the snack size chips that come in that big bag or flat box. I am sure most people probably put that box on top of the fridge because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else, I know I did.

Now they are all in one spot that camouflages all the color and sizes of the bags. Visually more appealing for sure.

So that wraps up my overhaul of my pantry, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am!

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