July 4, 2013


We just finished the side yard cement project and extending the driveway to the rv gates. It is SO NICE to have this finally done!  The kids love riding on their scooters, bikes, cars...  Another GREAT thing is now we can pull a vehicle back behind the gates.

Here are some before pics. 

Here is where we extended the driveway.

All the prep-work, before the pour...

Brother and Sassy loved watching the cement truck.

Bryce could of sat there for hours watching everything go on.

We always write our name and date in our cement projects!

Almost done...

Now the finished project!

We have to wait for it to cure for a week before we can drive a vehicle on the driveway and side yard.

Luckily it has been really warm so we were able to walk on it the next day.

The kiddos LOVE it!

Thanks for stoppin by,



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