I haven’t really shared with you what we have been doing for “summer school.” Now you hear summer school and are like, “it’s summer why do you make your kids do school?!?” Well you will be surprised how fast our brains forget. So anyway, we don’t do school eeeeveryday!  We have been doing school on average of 2/3 times a week and when I say “school” it’s not learning a whole lot of new things it’s mostly review so we don’t forget what we learned all school year and it’s a lot more relaxed.  Mom needs a break too!

Recently we have implemented our sight word flash cards every night before our bedtime routine. Jarrets been doing this with Bryce as his contribution to summer school, they make a little game of it.  You can never have to much practice on sight words! 

Also he has been really interested in learning about States! Just like the light stuff, capitals, location on the map and what’s their main commodity…  We have a couple of apps on the ipad that he likes playing with that teach him about states and we found some state stickers that he has been into using for his behavioral chart. My mom also has this electronic board state thing (that’s real descriptive) that he likes to play with also.

Sometimes for fun we will play some games on the computer. I will set him up on PBS Kids, which always have an underlying message for kids that I love.  We really didn’t start getting into PBS Kids until last year, I wish I had found it sooner than later. Then when I know he has been doing well and he just needs some more fun I let him go on the Lego website and play the games or watch the videos too.

This is the summer review packet we have been using from The Moffatt Girls to strengthen our kindergarten basics. We are getting through it pretty quickly because it’s review of what we already know, BUT it is always good to practice.

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