This past weekend we were house sitting for my parents while they were gone up at the house in Utah. I don’t mind house sitting because it recharges you to get little things done at your own house. It also makes you appreciate those little comforts that you miss, (like my keurig coffee maker)!

When they are gone I get a little break from work, but not really. I still check on my calves in the morning with the kids and later in the afternoon to see if anyone is getting sick from the heat. The first day of the extreme heat, I went down to the calves in the late afternoon and gave some electrolytes to some calves that needed a little extra help acclimating themselves to the heat. 

One thing though is that it brought these beautiful “Indian skies” at sunset that just stops you in your tracks. 

Isn’t this picture AMAZING!?!?

Another thing that took up ALOT of time because of the heat wave was watering my mom’s flowers, grass and vegetable garden. I DID NOT want to be responsible for her beloved garden dying while she was gone. The heat/sun were good for the growth of her garden but I did start watering it early in the morning and later in the evening because it was just soaking up so much water.

We also did a lot of swimming…before nap-time and after dinner.  They both had fun swimming and Sassy just thinks that she is a little fish now. Brother got comfortable swimming in the deep-end again, I find that at the beginning of every summer it’s like the kids need to get there barrings back.

Brother also went camping over night with my in-laws and got to spend time with all his cousins. Sass and I went to a birthday party at the splash pad for a little boy that turned one.  So cute!

We got to watch a good movie on Saturday night, Silver linings Playbook, I wasn’t to sure how good it would be but I REALLY liked it.

We are back home now and right back into the swing of things, teacher and therapist for Sass, a little summer-school for Brother and helping on the dairy, also back to work for me.

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