Here are our new additions to our school supplies collection from Amazon!!!

We order our school supplies from Amazon because we are prime members, which means we get free next-day shipping! The learning Resource items are cheaper on the Amazon anyway and we get free-shipping, helloooo?!?!

In our efforts to infuse more fun into this school year we purchased more FUN STUFF! 

Okay, here we goooo…

Here’s our packages!

Leap Frog Numbers Ahoy, he has been wanting this DVD for sssoooooo long. I can’t say enough about the Leap Frog DVD’s, my kids LOVE to watch them and what Mom doesn’t want their kids to WANT to watch educational DVD’s. Little Saster, who just turned 3 last month knows all her letter and corresponding sounds. Not sing the ABC’s, when asked she will tell you the name of the letter and the sound.  That’s all from Leap Frog, HIGHLY recommend them.

Here’s a closer look.

The are Handy Scoopers and a BIG HIT with them!

You can pick up things with them, examine or use them in water.  These are going to be sssoooo much fun!

They already started scooping up their counting bear and playing like they had little crab claws for hands. 

This is a really cool gadget because it will give you the ending of a word like -ap and you have to pick from two different options like -L or -O. It’s progressive, so you can choose harder levels which will go into -blends or -word families.

These are tweezers, good for Little Sasters fine motor skills and endless ideas for play!

Last but not least, Twisty Droppers!!!  These are going to be so much fun with water play and water experiments…

That completes our Amazon haul, hope you enjoyed!

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