In one of my last posts I mentioned going through my house and organizing some of the most used places. One of those is my spice-condiment-cookbook cabinet.  This cabinet is used frequently through out the day; especially for breakfast and dinner.  I try to cook dinner at least five to six nights a week, so that cabinet gets its use.  When I would open that cabinet, I would shut it just as fast a I got something out or put it back.  That cabinet caused great anxiety about the kitchen being unorganized! That was the only cabinet in the kitchen that didn’t have some sort of an organizational system going on.  My schedule is only getting busier so it had to happen.

Here is the before-

You can see how that cabinet was causing great ANXIETY! Things were just thrown in, printed out recipes, condiment all over and spices all strewn about.

This picture shows you what I changed or added. I purchased the file boxes for only $3 bucks from the Target dollar spot!  The file boxes helped to conceal the food magazines, print outs and cookbooks that were real skinny.  I also moved my blue binder, old magazine rack and recipe box to the cabinet above the microwave that held nothing, to make more room.

The green bin I had from my pantry organization project that I moved to my spice cabinet.  The little grey bin I purchased a while ago from the Target dollar spot to hold my mixer attachments. The spice rack I purchased from Walmart when we first moved in, so I’ve had that for awhile.

 I just LOVE how those file bins consolidated and concealed my cookbook and recipe collection.

I put all my frequently used “stuff” right in the front.

In this section of the cabinet I moved some of my frequently used spices to the front and made room for some spices that I have ran out of.

NOW that cabinet looks sssooooooo much better than it did before, cleaner and lighter for sure.  The whole project probably only took me collectively, about 20-30 minutes and it makes such a big difference. It also makes he happy seeing it look so nice.

Next project will be the hall closet!  Stay tuned…

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