The Mehaffey household has been gearing up for back to school later this month!  That doesn’t only mean school supplies etc., that also means getting the house organized and as user-friendly as possible.  When things in our house are organized it makes life sooooo much easier for us, especially because we don’t have time to be looking around for that other shoe that know one has seen.  You will be surprised how many times I have shown up to places and Brother doesn’t have his shoes on … WHAT?!?!

This week I am going to be working on organizing frequently used places in our house.  Yesterday I worked on organizing my desk.

Filing and making new files

Going through junk mail

Cord management

Stocking up on some office supplies (ink, paper, etc.)

I am also working on our different binders(household, finance, school).  I made new covers for this school years binders as well.   The school binders will hold state standards for that grade, notes on when they mastered a certain subject, planning or ideas, and hold important papers for their schools.  Here’s what the covers look like.

 You can download this cover here.

 You can download this cover here too.

This school year is going to be waaayyyy better, I can feel it! Kindergarten in my opinion went great, but at the same time you are also figuring out what works or doesn’t and how your child learns. He also pretty much flew through Kindergarten and First grade will be more content that he will have to learn.  BUT, this year I am determined to make it less “schoolie”.  Little Saster will also be more involved in school this year as well as The Hubs with homework and reading.

We have ordered and purchased some FUN stuff for school this year, I will be posting a haul or two to show you all the “stuff”.

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