This week in school we made oobleck and cloud dough, both recipes are floating around pinterest. My son wasn’t feeling well Wednesday afternoon so I decided to make Thursday our sensory play day. That is one of my goals for this school year is to implement a lot more fun into the mix. Last year was our first year of homeschool, so now we got the hang of things and the “creases are ironed out.” I also have a preschooler in school this year with sensory seeking issues so this was right up her ally AND school needs to be FUN. 

I know oobleck has been around for years! The recipe is simple with a 2:1 ratio of cornstarch to water.

The cloud dough is 7:1 ration of flour to oil, we used baby oil and that smelt soooo good.

Bryce is measuring out the flour for the cloud dough.

Now for the baby oil…

And we are squeezing and squeezing…

Sissy’s waiting patiently for Brother.

By the way I got those food storage containers at Sam’s Club, they came in a 3 pack with lids for right around $10.

Sissy really liked the cloud dough!

Bryce wasn’t sure if he liked the oobleck as much as the cloud dough.

Then sissy started mixing and pouring.

Finally she really got into the oobleck and it was all over her!

Bryce and Madison had so much fun, especially Madison, this was totally her style of playing.

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