The last week and a half I have been working soooo much on the dairy! Our guys are taking their vacations and we are all getting it done before we are back to school. Today I am finally getting a FULL day off to catch up on house work, pay bills, mail and letting my body rest.  The last couple of days we have been getting up at 4:00 in the morning and leaving the house by 4:30. For me it’s not the waking up early, I’m an early riser by nature, but it’s the long days at work and missing the kids.

Here are some random pictures that I took over the past couple of days!

Proof…it was early and one of the nicest times of day!

Gettin ready to fill up all the calf bottles…

On my way out to the field with The Hubs to pick up “green feed” for the day.

This is what happens when a big guy gets up at 4:25 in the mornin. What this picture tells me:

He is still my little guy.

Although he is getting big, his body still needs a lot of rest.

He’s so peaceful when he is like this!

When he was a toddler he would fall asleep out on the dairy with me all the time.

He loves that quad!

He bought this marble maze he had been wanting at the Learning Store, all with his own money.

Then he got a smoothie from Juice It Up!

Early morning sunrise while feeding grain to the calves.

Literally, 15 minutes later.  Soooooo pretty!

AAAANNNNND…he’s out again!  This time he pulled his quad up to his usual spot, said hi to me and asked for my sweatshirt and he was out. Same time, same spot and same tired little guy.

This was REALLY cool and probably the highlight of our day today; FIRE PLANES!  I didn’t have to work today and I was doing some running around in town and we decided to pull over and watch the fire planes take off.

They LOVED IT!!! Little Saster kept saying, bye airplane-bye airplane-by airplane…

So cool and so powerful to see those planes take off knowing that they are going to go help put out a wild fire.

I hope you enjoyed the last couple of random pics that I was able to capture over the last couple of days!

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