As the kids are getting older I am noticing a lot of the same mannerisms that my son does, my daughter does as well. 

They both have grown so much this year, both maturity and physically. Believe me, they still have there moments, oooohhh do they ever have their moments. But that’s it they are just moments.  

I snapped this photo really quick because they were both standing the exact same way watching TV. I thought, gosh are they brother and sister or what!?  They LOVE their TV watching time!

Brother built his little fort out of left over wood that wasn’t used on a project. This was right up his ally! He was so proud of what he built.

He didn’t want me to take his pic…I don’t blame him.

Now as for Sissy, mind you this was the same day, she walked around the whole day with a kids magnifying glass. She was investigating everything!

Then she found herself an ANT. That poor little ant was running all around and she was right there chasing it with her little glass.  The little ant finally found that crack in the cement to hide. Sissy kept saying, “Hello ant, where are you?!”

She just loves that magnifying glass! 

They are both so creative, imaginative and investigative all the time and that is what I love about them.

It makes me so happy seeing them outside just being kids!

Happy Mom!

Now onto the weekend,



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