Here we are feeding calves like every afternoon, hotter than heck, BUT now a storm was coming. Bryce and I kept telling each other, “look it is getting closer!” We though it was going to rain; you could smell  it in the air.  We kept watching and watching as we continued to feed calves and pick up the bottles.   

We thought it was going to rain for sure, it’ll be so nice!

And then…THIS was coming and it didn’t smell like rain anymore!

I continued to water all my calves trying to get all my work done. The Hubs and Bryce went to go get some medicine in the office that I needed to medicate a couple of calves with.

By the time he came back minus Bryce, who chose to stay in the office, it was like this.

Visibility, zero!

Dirt pelting your eyes, ears, face and entire body? CHECK!

Continuing to water and medicate? CHECK!

Dad and Brother enjoying themselves in Utah in nice weather? CHECK!

Calf crate lids flying open? CHECK!

Now I could finally see again!

Aaawww the calm after the storm; at least it blew all that humidity away for a little while.

That was a windy wind storm!

Thanks for stoppin by!


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