This weekend I didn’t get a lot accomplish due to being sick AGAIN! Saturday night and Sunday were probably my worst days, but I am feeling much better today. I am ready to make this A GOOD DAY.

Here is our recap of our weekend!


Both The Hubs and I worked all day, so when we were off, we rushed home and got the kids ready for a little Halloween party at my in-laws. I had the idea of getting all the grandchildren together, in their costumes and have a little bike party. We don’t usually trick-or-treat together, so this was an opportunity to get them all in one place in their costumes and take their pics. My In-Laws did an awesome job on the decorations for the kids too.

My little Power Ranger and my Nephew as Jake and The Never-land Pirate.

My Niece as Tinkerbell and Sissy as Doc McStuffins.

She loves her costume!

It was so hard getting all the kids together, looking the same way, and smiling! My youngest Nephew didn’t want to be in the picture, but he was Superman.

My In-Laws had cute decorations for the kids.

The Doc was zipping all around on her Infinity Car.

They all had a blast riding their bikes, scooters, infinity cars, rip riders….and the list goes on!


We slowed the pace down a lot because this was my only day that I had to rest and get better. So I stayed home ALL day and pretty much did NOTHING; except take medicine and hydrate.

My Husband’s bearing went out on his truck, so my Parents brought the service truck over so he could fix it. While the service truck was there he also tack welded the side yard gates. One of the gates had a piece of medal coming off on the bottom that needed some attention.

That was one thing checked off the home repair to do list! We hardly ever have the service truck at the house so this was the perfect time to tackle it.

Then for the rest of the day the kiddos payed with their blocks, tractors and race track. Majority of the tractors that he plays with were my brothers when he was little. The tractors and the blocks are probably his favorite toys. Sissy loves her blocks too!

Well I hope you enjoyed your weekend and now off to a successful week!

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