Yesterday we did a follow up craft for the book Five Little Pumpkins. It was fun to bring what we just read into a craft. I think it helped instill a big part of the book onto paper and in his mind. This book is so cute! The illustrations are really great as well! 

For the craft project, we used:

black construction paper

craft sticks (small & regular size)


pumpkin cutouts 

black marker

The only instruction that I gave him was to build a fence that the pumpkins can sit on.

Ignore the two baskets of clothes that needed to be folded…I am still waiting for the laundry fairy to come!

We found that a glue stick was a lot easier to use on the craft sticks than the white glue. The white glue made the craft sticks slide around to much. 

Sissy just wanted to look at the book.

So…I had her count how many pumpkin were on the fence. 1…2…3…4…5!

Here is his masterpiece of Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a Fence!

Love it!

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