Today I am sharing with you a homeschool day where everything was “clicking.” 

Just a peek though…

When I say clicking, I mean that all cylinders were firing on this day. (I didn’t even define “clicking,” I just answered it with another idiom!)

You know those days where you have been working on a specific subject and it isn’t sinking in? Well today IT sunk in! 

It is a b-e-a-utiful thing!

I love that in this curriculum they incorporate a lot of stamping; which he loves!

He told me that he can get this page done a lot faster if he stamped the blend together and then stamped the ending.

Go for it, as long as you are doing your work correctly!

Then, we practiced reading in our Leap Frog Learn to Read books. 

These books are really helping with his reading.

AND there is the Little Saster, with a mouth full of chocolate Teddy Grahams and all!

She is watching Leap Frogs Numberland movie through Netflix on the iPad.

Then she wanted to play with her Fishing for Phonics game.

She doesn’t play the game exactly right, but it’s okay, she just covers all the pictures with a letter and makes up her own game.

When she gets a little older she’ll be able to identify the first letter of the word and match the letter.

And she wanted to do q-tip painting…she moves fast!

I can always tell when she is about done, because then she starts painting her hands.

Now back to Bryce, he is working on his language arts learning odyssey through his school. This is a part that he does online and Madison loves to watch and absorb all the info.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our day were all the cogs in our homeschool machine were working! 

I just love a good idiom! 

That makes me sound so cool right?



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