Yesterday started out like any other ordinary day around here, school, work, cook dinner… 

BUT, it turned out to be one very eventful day!

Over the past couple of days we have been making some Thanksgiving craft/art projects. The craft we made yesterday was our Thankful Turkey. Bryce and I glued all the feathers and feet on with a hot glue gun. On the back of each feather is something he is thankful for.

Some of his feathers got a little low on one side, but that’s okay it gives him character.

I loved hearing what he was thankful for, especially when he said our house.

Madison was keeping herself busy painting a beautiful art project. She LOVES to paint! 

Now it was off to speech therapy and then work.

When I got to work, we had a broken water pipe to fix out in the front beef cattle pasture AND the day was already getting behind schedule.

Now for the DOOZIE, an employee from a neighboring dairy was bringing over some feed in a dump truck and wanted to know where to dump it. Jer instructed him to dump it in the front pasture, the same pasture we have been working in. So he gets in his truck and starts to back up towards the gate and DOESN’T SEE THE HUGE POWER POLE RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!! In those 5 short seconds there went all the POWER supplied to the dairy, house and nearby neighbors. Power lines were on the ground and LIVE, luckily everyone was okay and no one got hurt.

To make a long story short, our power company came out to turn off the power to the down lines and we had to get the back up generator started to power the barn. My parents house still didn’t have power for many hours.

So once the generator was on and everything else was good we still had to fix that darn pipe.

Bryce LOVES to be involved in this type of stuff!

Now that the pipe was fixed it was back to business as usual.

Feeding calves, medicating, putting day old babies away…

It wouldn’t be business as usual with out a creation made by this guy!

Isn’t he so inventive and creative?

After this long hot November day, what does one make for dinner?

French bread pizzas, easy and yummy! Thanks Pioneer Woman for the idea on your latest episode!

This will be a day to remember.

Thanks for stoppin by,



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