Last week it rained for 2 days straight, and the temperatures were very chilly too!  We got about a half inch of rain at the dairy and almost an inch of rain at our house. Which is pretty amazing because our house is just miles away from the dairy. When it rains on a dairy everything gets muddy, soupy and wet. 

BUT…the show goes on!

Cows still need to be milked, cows still need to be fed and cows are still calving. No matter what the weather, the show goes on.

These little guys were born in the middle of the storm. They were cold, wet and getting rained on which makes it hard for their mom’s to lick them dry. So they were brought under the calving barn, just like any other calf, after they are born. When I took their mom’s away to be milked for their colostrum, which will be the first milk these calves drink, they were shaking.

These little guys couldn’t get themselves warm, they needed a little help!

So like any resourceful person would do, you make them straw blankets! Duh…   

All three stayed still and let me cover them up.

They were very thankful for the dry, warm straw.

Now these little guys were all warm and cozy, waiting for their warm colostrum from their mommies.

Who doesn’t like a newborn calf in a bed of straw!??

Happy Tuesday!


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