The last three days have gone by so fast!!! 

I have been trying to take more pictures because, it’s just flying by. Which means I need to take more video as well.

There is always things we need to do more of, right?

So the last three days I tried to capture more in the life moments.


At his Friday class, it was themed as pajama day! He refused to wear his pajamas to school.  

So I got him to wear a pair of basketball shorts and a shirt. Sissy wore her Doc McStuffin pajamas all day too.

She loves her Brother so much!


We worked all day!

It’s hard to snap pics while at work, because I don’t want to ruin my camera, so these were taken with my phone.

Here, we were riding in the back of the truck on the way to the front of the dairy. 

This is how farm kids play…reenacting what really happens on the farm. 


We were both off ALL DAY, whooo hoooo!!!

We had a delicious breakfast at a local hangout. Not very often do we go out to breakfast. 

Sissy loves to have everyone’s drink.

Are you almost done yet?

Saying that Brother loves to build is an understatement!

This was one of his creations for the day…

So what does one do with their creation? Take it to Lowes of course!

AND…on the way home the unimaginable happened, She fell asleep in her car seat!

She never falls asleep in the car, never. 

A 10 hour drive to Utah, she only fell asleep 10 minutes before our destination.

And yes, those are socks on her hands!

There’s our big boy and one of his many creations.

He is getting soooo big, soooo fast!

Time needs to slow down!

This was a small snip bit of our weekend; now off to a successful Monday!

Thanks for stoppin by!


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