How much is to much screen time?

You hear from specialists, doctors etc. about limiting the amount of screen time a child has. That it can have negative effects if they have to much “screen time.”

I did some research on what “they”(generalizing of course) say is negative about it. All I found in reading a couple of studies is that the majority were concerned about the lack of movement/exercise that the child could miss out on . Also the concern about obesity in children.

Not anywhere did I read that they said it had negative effects on LEARNING, there response was inconclusive and that they need to do more research on that matter.

I just went to Google and typed studies that show negative effects on to much screen time.

To wrap up what I found, there wasn’t enough information to say that it is negative. The concern was less physical movement and the chance of a child becoming over weight. Now the argument of screen time making your child overweight has more to do with the type of nutrition being offered to that child. Another argument for a different time!

OKAY, so my rules for “screen time!”

I do monitor WHAT they are watching (shows with fighting, language, etc).

When it comes to games, I don’t like them to get stuck on one for a long period of time. I don’t really have to worry about that with Madison, she always is changing it up. I have to remind Bryce more about doing something different.

I don’t let them You Tube unless I am sitting right with them, you never know what can pop-up.

I will give time limits on certain devices if I feel they have had enough “screen time.”

I do have days were there is no screen time, unless we are all watching something together as a family.

Now to say it has a positive effect on learning when they watch the right shows, YES. Madison learned so much by watching the leap frog DVD’s or by playing their games. I can’t say enough about them!

So to end my rant, I think “screen time” can be a positive thing as long as it is MONITORED!

I did find these on Pinterest that I thought were cute!

Now time for me to be obnoxious…

Is this considered screen time?

Thanks for stoppin by!


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