I am starting this thing called, “Just another Mehaffey Moment.” Which is a makeup of random photos that I have taken on my phone. Some of the pictures you can’t make up or stage. Sometimes we are that family on “The Middle.” And most of the time my kids are Axle, Sue and Brick all combined into one. Which is why I love them so much and we own it!

I mean come on, who wants to be boring or normal anyway! (in a valley-girl voice) 

So Just Another Mehaffey Moment is basically a glorified Instagram wrapped up into a blog post. I will try and post one every week. Majority of the time there will be no words to describe the pictures; because there aren’t any.

AAAAANNNNDDDD…here is a clip of my brother bailing hay!

As always, thanks for stoppin by…

Happy Thursday!


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