These photos are AHHH-MAAAAZZZING!!!

Yesterday I was opening the blinds, curtains, shutters and everything else early in the morning and this is what it looked like outside.  I wasn’t sure how long the sunrise was going to make the sky look like this so I immediately started running around my house for a camera, robe and slippers (the essentials, duh). Then I went into the backyard and started snapping away in amazement.

Good thing it was to early for my little neighborhood to be awake! 

Disclaimer: No filters were put on these pictures, all natural beauty and light!

How beautiful and mysterious is that!

And to my right the sky looked like this.

Isn’t that weird how the outer edges of the sky look like they are dusty and barely holding on?

My eyes didn’t know where to look, it was all so magical!


AAANNNNDDDD…not 5 minutes later the sky looked like THIS!!!

I love that I am an early riser!

I love that I am observant!

I love that I was able to witness this magical and mysterious sunrise!


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