Long time no post…

Usually I do my blog posting in the morning before school and work, but since we are on vacation right now I decided to take the mornings off and spend it with the kiddos.

This morning I said, “I need to start posting, so I can share what we have been up to!”

Ssssoooooooo…with that being said, any good morning for me starts with COFFEE!!!

I Love this mug that Jer got for me from Target for Christmas. I received a ton of cute mugs this year to add to my growing collection. 

After we all got around and ready to go, we ate breakfast at Farmer Boys.

Fancy huh???

Jer and I surprised the kids with driving down to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

We haven’t been there for a couple of years and this was Madison’s first time.

What’s nice about getting there right when it opens is all the animals are out and about eating breakfast.

This little girl loved looking at the animals eating their food.

A nice view from the upper deck before you use the elevators to go down to the lower level of the park.

I spy with my little eye something…

While waiting in line for the safari tram you have these beautiful creatures to look at.

Here we go on the tram!

Cheetah, enough said.

Nicely sitting with her Dad!


Right about the giraffes Madison lost it, she didn’t want to be on the tram anymore. Screaming, twisting and yelling. We were stuck on the tram, people are looking at me to make her be quiet. At that point, people that really know her know there is no reasoning with her. You have to distract her to make her calm down, I went through everything that I had in my purse. Finally she calmed down with a stick of clear sunscreen chapstick for your lips; I was desperate. She started to rub the chapstick all over her face, arms and lifted her dress up and put it on her belly! Anything to keep her calm right?

Finally the tram was over and we ran off that thing so embarrassed, but I was very happy that I kept my cool the entire time.

The weather was perfect, we couldn’t of picked a better day!

This little guy was done, low blood sugar was setting in and he was ready to go.

It’s never good to be around a Mehaffey with low blood sugar, it’s not one of our finer moments!

I say it was a successful trip to the Safari Park, minus the second half of the tram ride.

Happy Monday!


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