Yesterday in school we did a really fun and easy Christmas craft with materials we already had on hand.

We made wrapping paper trees!!! They were so much fun and you can get creative with the paper that you choose to use. Obviously ours were super hero themed trees.

To make these trees, we started off with 4 rolls of leftover wrapping paper from last year and 1 roll of wrapping paper that is craft paper for the trunk. You can use regular construction paper in different colors for the strips if you don’t have extra wrapping paper, anything will work.

Themed paper makes your trees a little bit more interesting!

Now cut 4 (8-10 inch.) pieces of paper.

Then you want to cut them into 1 inch. strips.

Make a trunk with craft or brown paper and start staggering your strips of paper to form a tree. Each one getting a little smaller as you go.

Always looking for ways to make things educational;  Bryce measured his strips 1 inch. smaller than the last. 

Gotta learn how to use that ruler!

Madison helped me glue the strips and press them down onto her tree.

At the end we cut a star out of yellow construction paper and put some glitter glue on the star to make it sparkle.

I think they came out really nice and we had a blast making them.

Happy Crafting and Happy Friday!


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