I love myself a beautiful sunrise!

Sunrises to me are calming, peaceful, quiet, and the indication that it is a new day.

The dawn of a new day! 

The slate is clean. 

I am a Gemini through and through, you don’t have to sway me by flashy/in your face things or be over the top, it’s in the details for me and always will be.

When I look at the sunrise I see the details, colors, shape of the clouds and how the sky looks so different from yesterday’s sunrise. 

Constantly evolving. Constantly changing. Sorta like us?

You wouldn’t compare this sunrise to a sunset or a starry night sky, right? They are two separate things.

All you can compare this sunrise to is the sunrise the day before.

Just like in life, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you’re two separate things.

Only compare yourself to the person you were the day before. 

It’s always in the details…

Have a GREAT Friday and be easy on yourself, because you have to be with yourself all day!

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom!!!


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