Calling all MOMS, you should stop what your doing and make this Valentines craft tonight for your kiddos!!!

The idea is to make a banner with your child or children’s name on it and put it up somewhere they can see it everyday. You add a heart around their name that has something that you love/like about them. 

As a society I think we focus a lot on their bad behavior and not on their good qualities or what they do that makes us happy and puts a smile on our face. All MOMS love their children unconditionally, BUT it’s another thing to like who your child is. (okay I am done with the p.s.a. for today, haha)

SO THIS craft is to shower your child or children with a daily heart, leading up to Valentines Day, that has a little message about something you love or like about them!

Right here I started out by using some letter stickers spelling out Madison’s name on these little round doilies. All supplies were purchased at Michael’s.

Then I strung some twine through the doilies, looping then in and out.

Next I purchased these foam hearts that I will write my little messages on.

The messages can be simple, they don’t have to be elaborate or wordy. It will make them happy to hear these daily affirmations.

I decided to hand their signs on their closet door. I used two little Command hooks that I already had on hand and string it from one end to the other. 

You can choose to put in on their door, wall or anywhere it would be special to them.

Under their name, or around, you will add your heart everyday leading up to Valentines Day.

I did my son’s with blue twine and alternating red and white doilies.

In the pack of foam hearts (it came with 32) the colors consisted of red, white, pink and green. That’s the perfect amount for two kiddos leading up to V day.

Supplies that I used:

Round Paper Doilies 1.99

Alpha Stickers 1.49

Twine 1.49

Foam Hearts 3.99

Total $8.96 

The smiles that will be on their faces are priceless.

Click here for your coupon to Michael’s.

You can also use construction paper and cut the hearts out yourself or get creative with the supplies you have on hand.

Happy Crafting and let me know if you make this!!!


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