Right before Christmas we worked our herd of beef cattle. We checked for pregnancy, sickness, vaccinating smaller calves, weening off bigger calves, and branding our two Hereford bulls.

Working our beef cattle heard is always fun for us because our main focus is dairy animals. One day I would love to grow our beef cattle herd and have a successful cow-calf operation of my own.

My little guy has grown up around the shoots, sitting playing his tractors or falling asleep in my arms when he was real little. Now he helps call out if they are pregnant or open after his dad preg checks them.

Making him take a picture with his Mom!

He looks up to his Uncle Ty! (no pun intended, haha)

Here I am sharing with you the process of branding. It is very important to brand your cattle with your registered brand. If they go missing or get mixed up with another herd, you are able to identify your cattle by your brand. 

You start with a clean surface area and a hot branding iron.

I am actually really surprised I caught the flame, because when the hot iron touches the hide the flame is only there for a split second. 

This process takes less than 5 seconds to complete. As cattle owners you want this process to be very efficient, clean and quick; get them in and get them out.

Now the process is complete and he is ready to run with the rest of the herd!

My little bucket-head!

We create such funny and memorable memories around the shoot!

Have a great Thursday, only a couple more days of vacation until we are back at school!


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