This post about what we did the day after Christmas can be viewed as a little late, but what’s to late to share pics?

The day after Christmas was a big work day! We had to move cattle between pens, and since we don’t have a lot of outside help, it requires more than a couple of people to go smoothly and efficiently. 

Here my Dad and I were doing the bulk of the sorting and separating. There is a whole new meaning to separating cattle when it was freezing outside! That morning it was cold!

C’mon we are from California so when I say it was freezing, it was like in the 30’s! Ha!

Now we can put them away in their respective pens and move on to the next task.

Isn’t this picture of the reflection off the water peaceful, still and beautiful?!?!

Then it was off to laying out alfalfa hay bales to all the milking animals. It’s important to keep the animals fed and keep their energy levels up, because when it is cold outside their bodies are using up a lot of energy to keep themselves warm.

When you are sitting on a tractor, that is about the only time you get to sit down on a dairy.

I came up to the house to grab a couple of waters and this is what greeted me! Bryce on his new Scooter that Santa brought him.

He loves it!!! It’s electric, so he can zip all around the dairy with out getting tired.

Santa new just what he needed!!!

It’s Thursday already, I can’t believe it, the week is flying by!!!

Happy Thursday!


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