Over the weekend I took Bryce horse back riding for the first time and he did soooo good. Like I said it was his first time, he was nervous, scared and anxious but he did GREAT! 

His little friend had just got a pony for Christmas and has been talking to Bryce about it. He asked Bryce the other day to go riding with him, and Bryce’s response was no way! I just do things with motors, things that are electric (his electric scooter), or things you have to build.

So that is when I got the thought that I was going to take Bryce horse back riding after work and show him it’s not scary.  I went and grabbed two horses out of the pasture, saddled them up and off we went; with resistance of course.

Sometimes you have to push your kids to do stuff that they are scared of, and you know that they can handle it. For him, he built the situation up in his head and once he was on, it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t push him to do anything except to sit there and enjoy the scenery.  (I ponied him next to my horse.) 

We had fun making some Mommy and Son memories for his first time on a horse. I spend a lot of time with the kiddos naturally. But this year, especially with Bryce, I have been really focusing on spending more quality time with him that quantity.

He was a natural…

After we got back from putting the horses away, we came up to the house to find a box of baby chicks to add to my Mom’s chicken coop. My dad picked them up at the feed store!

He is my gentle giant… a big guy with a kind and loving heart. 

She loved the chicks!!! She kept saying, “ooohhhh chick-a-letta!” That’s from Paw Patrol, one of her favorite cartoons.

That day was an awesome day with the kiddos!

Happy Monday and enjoy the school holiday, I know we will!

(we still have to work though, there are no holidays in agriculture)


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