This was my attempt at a day in the life post, when I take pictures all through out the day of what I am currently doing.  Some how I only got to about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through and just totally forgot. 

I blame it on low blood sugar. You know about 2-3:00 if we don’t fuel our bodies properly we start going down hill? Well I know it’s the case with me anyway!

So here is my 1/2 attempt, I will try this again in the near future! 

Enjoying a cup of coffee (my morning fuel) and doing some behind the scenes blog work. I usually do all my “bloggidy-blog stuff”, as Bryce would say, in the early morning before the kiddos wake up. I am an early-bird, not a night-owl by any means!

Watching some morning cartoons from inside a tent.  Isn’t that the way everyone watches cartoons?

She has to be everywhere her brother is!

One wanted waffles and the other wanted cereal.

My morning protein shake!

While I was drinking my protein shake, I was writing down my to-do list for the day.

School time!

Bryce and Madison enjoying some yogurt, while completing some online learning.

Oh dishes, how I wish you would wash yourself…

I see you!!! She was keeping herself busy while Bryce was finishing up school and I was washing dishes.

Now I was at work, I just got done blading-the-feed around the dairy.

Bryce hangs out with me or his Dad during work, this day in particular he was tired and wanted me to rub his head and scratch his back. He’s still my little-guy!

That was my attempt at a day in the life, I got to about 2:30, I think that was pretty good!

Happy Thursday!

I can believe tomorrows Friday already!?!?


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