This recipe that I am sharing with you today is a super easy homemade lasagna. I know…I know… I always say they are easy, but this one really is, it’s all about layering. 

Lasagna can sound intimidating with all the prep work you have to do before you get to the actual layering process, having to boil the noodles, make the sauce, and slicing the fresh mozzarella….

I have made a homemade lasagna like that before and there are way to many dishes to wash afterwards, it tastes good, but way to many dishes!  

Here is my simplified recipe that taste just as good; even better less dishes to clean up afterwards!!! 

Your ingredients that you will need:

1 box of Oven-Ready Lasagna (no need to boil, they are thinner so the pasta cooks in the sauce)

1 lb. lean ground beef (you can use turkey too)

2 Jars of your favorite spaghetti/marinara sauce (only 1 pictured, get it together Jade, haha)

2 Packs of Sliced Mozzarella (only 1 pictured again, maybe I needed another cup of coffee that day)  

1 Container Shredded Parmesan (any kind will do, I like this one because it’s a 3-cheese blend)

Either a slow-cooker or 9×13 pan will do. (if using slow-cooker, recommend buying the liners)

If using a pan turn oven to 350 degrees F. 

Slow-Cooker turn on high.

Your Steps:

1. Start by browning your meat. (browning means, once the outside is brown and the inside will cook in the sauce. Once browned drain and discard the grease. Then set your meat aside to be ready for the layering.  

2. Pour sauce in the bottom of the pan/slow-cooker to cover the bottom. I used about 3/4’s cup.

3. And now the layering begins!!! Start by putting your noodles in first. If using a slow-cooker you will need to break them to make them fit. Then layer your desired amount of meat and grated parm. 

4. Lay your slices of mozzarella down to cover your entire dish. Easy right?!?!  Then add more sauce to the top of your mozzarella. You can measure it out so every layer has the same amount of sauce of you can just eyeball it and pour straight from the jar. 

If you did measure it out, you probably want to put another 3/4’s cup depending on your pan or slow-cooker size. The idea is, you want it to be all coated/covered with sauce (the noodles will absorb some of the sauce).

5. Keep on layering! 

Noodles, meat, parm, mozzarrella, sauce! Noodles, meat, parm, mozzarrella sauce! Noodles, meat…

Okay you get it, right?!

6. When you are out of noodles, I always put a layer of cheese and the rest of the sauce on top or you can put the rest of the sauce and a layer of cheese on top. (Like in the picture)

If putting in slow-cooker, SWITCH TO LOW, and set for about 2 hours or until noodles are cooked through and cheese is melted. (all slow-cookers heat differently, having it at high in the beginning was to get it hot)

If putting it in the oven, cover with foil to keep the top from burning. Cook for about 30-40 minutes or until pasta is cooked through and cheese is melted. 

For the last 10 minutes take the foil off and turn your oven up to 400 degree to finish the cheese off on top.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe for shortcut homemade Lasagna! 

If you make it let me know in the comments below or to my instagram, @therealmehaffeymoments.

Thanks for stoppin by!

p.s. if you click on the title of the post, it will take you to the post’s page and toward the bottom there is a print friendly button in green so you can print this recipe.


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