These Brownies are ta-DIE for!!!

I love a good brownie, plain, hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fudge, or a brownie that’s loaded with toasted walnuts.

I’ve never come across a brownie I didn’t like. 

And wait till you see the “secret” ingredient that I put on them at end… 

Everything in moderation, right?

This is what you need:

1 Box of your favorite brownie mix (mine, Betty Crocker)

2/3 Cup Oil

1/4 Cup Water

2 Eggs

White Chocolate Chips

Secret ingredient

Follow the box directions on the back for the right temperature to set your oven depending on your pan size.

After you set your oven, add your bag of dry ingredients to your bowl.

Now add ALL of your wet ingredients(oil, water and eggs).

This is one of the most important directions that I will give you, DO NOT OVER MIX!!! 

When you over mix your batter (brownie, cookie, cake…) it become dense and hard.

Grab your pan and about 2 Tbsp. butter (soft), use a paper towel and smear the butter around the whole surface of the pan.

Now drop about 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour on the bottom of your pan. Now turn your pan in every which way to cover all the butter with flour. 

Do this over a sink or trash can, trust me!

Does yours look like this?

This will insure that your sheet of brownies will fall right out.

Pour your mixture in the pan. 

I sprinkled a couple of white chocolate chips in the batter while I poured it in the pan.

Oven it goes…

Once it’s finished, this is the hard part, LET IT COOL COMPLETELY!

When it cools, invert the pan on a cutting board and then turn your brownie right side up.

Secret ingredient, CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD (Nutella)!

Use it as your icing. 

The finishing touch is the white chocolate chips over the entire brownie!

Cut them into your desired size and enjoy!

This probably pairs really well with a hot cup of coffee, not that I know anything about that or anything?!

What do I know…

Happy Baking,



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