Yesterday was a big repair and maintenance day for me and my calf area. We repaired boards that had fallen off from general wear and use. Got rid of old wood that could not be salvaged or repaired. Put fresh grain and water buckets up for all the newborn calves. We also fixed my calf milk mixing area. It required numerous trips back and forth from the shop, trying to find the right bolts and washers to repair a broken lid. But in the end, persistence prevailed and we got the job done!

Right before repairing the calf crates I noticed my Dad was feeding the front beef cattle pasture. Wanting to see our fresh crop of calves and to ride herd health, I hopped on my quad to check them out. I always try and keep a camera in my pack on the quad, you never know what you might want to take a snap of…

Well I am glad that I brought my camera on the quad or I would of missed Red’s turn to babysit! If you have ever watched a heard of cow-calves, you will notice that there will be one or two mom’s and a bunch of calves around them. And the other Moms might be eating, drinking water, or licking mineral tubs.

I think at this point she was like, “I wanna eat too!”

Her baby is the little white face calf in the front.

Mom wait for us…

Finally…my turn to eat!

She’s is a good Momma. We have had her for years, very protective and has good-lookin calves.

Right here she told me,” HEY, I got my eye on you girl…I see you!” And in that respect, I left her alone with her calf and let her finish eating in peace.

In beef cow world, if you respect their space and are quiet and calm everything will be okay.

Hhhhhhmmmmm…does that sound familiar?

Have a Great Wednesday,



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