Saturday was such a beautifully gorgeous day outside!

It was brisk, a slight breeze and the sun was out which didn’t make it too cold. 

I hope February is a lot cooler than our 80 degree January; I am not ready for the heat just yet!

When Bryce and I were driving down to the dairy on our quad (vehicle of choice) I decided to take a few pictures of the equipment that were running at the time.

Bryce was sitting behind me, shielding himself from the cold wind. Usually he is sitting in the front like a little hood ornament!

Too cold…

Ever wonder how we water our palm tree lined drive?

With a water truck of course, duh! 

I’m just kidding…I love to be sarcastic! 

This is the easiest, fastest and most efficient ways to water our palms. Otherwise someone would be standing their with a little garden hose watering ALL day. 

Our water truck comes in so handy, watering trees, our beef cattle water troughs and if we ever needed it for fire prevention. 

Bryce LOVES this loader, he drives it everywhere! You can see the tire is cracked and he’s a little to big for that loader. 

I know he won’t stop riding that things until he possibly can’t ride it anymore!

The next order of business is our hay squeeze. It’s not fancy, but it get’s the job done and saves us a lot of time and energy.

I am sure this is a business meeting???

“The condition of our equipment does not define our business or the people we are. The way we handle our equipment is what represents our business and the people we truly are. It’s what gives us character…”

Later that morning we started draining our pool and someone decided to take a little sun nap.

The sun felt good on her little face…and the medicine was probably kicking in that I gave her earlier too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our equipment that we use?!

Happy Tuesday,



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