I took a few days off of posting because I was getting things together for our taxes, finance “stuff”, and NOW that I have all that done I am back.

On Sunday we took Bryce to go see The Lego Movie, it was better than I expected it to be. The theater was PACKED, and that was an understatement. If you have a son or daughter, take them to go see the movie is was “awesome”. (If you have seen the movie then you know what that means.)

Today I am bringing you an activity that Madison loves, playing with sponges and water. It seems simple, but the sponges and the water keeps her busy; and that’s all that matters.

The sponges I purchased at Walmart, the cheap colorful ones that come 6 in a pack. 

You can cut the sponges up into different shapes and sizes, whatever or however you want.

I give her a tray or two, water, and some of her tea party set.

Pouring, squeezing, soaking…pouring and squeezing…

Anything to keep her little hands busy! This is a great sensory activity too.

Kids always love playing with the simplest things. We spend so much money on elaborate toys and what do they always go back to: 

Pots and pans


Measuring cups and spoons

Pouring water from cup to cup


It pretty much all has to do with kitchen “stuff”.

This is only ONE of the ways I keep Madison busy, and if you have little ones I am sure they would love this too.

What you would need:

1 or 2 Packs of cheap colorful sponges (depending on how many kids)

Little cups or tea party set (measuring cup and spoons work great too)


Trays (optional)

Towels (to sop up the excess water)

Happy Monday and Have a Great Week!!!



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