Are you looking for a fun drink for a St. Patty’s Day party at school or for home?!?! Well here you go…

This float is so light, so refreshing and supper fun. My kiddos love this, and they always want more! Also this is an easy item for your kids to help you make, because there are only two ingredients.

This recipe is a must have on the St. Patty’s Day menu or party list! 

Here’s an EASY shopping list, that even the Dad’s can pick up for you!!! 

What you will need:

 3 Heaping Scoops Lime Sherbet

1/2 Cup Sprite

Glass or plastic cup for the kids

Straw (I found mine at Michael’s)

Start with your glass…

Scoop 3 scoops of Lime Sherbet into the glass. You can always scoop more for the adults or less for kids!

Pour your 1/2 cup of Sprite into the glass. 

The smell of the sherbet and soda is so good!

Now adorn your glass with a cute straw and there you have it, a St. Patrick’s Day Float!!!

These are so cute to bring into class for your child’s St. Patty’s party at school or at home for a treat.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day,



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