Southern California had the nicest weather over the weekend!

Sunday was a house and yard clean up day. We cleaned and organized the kids rooms, which is never ending! Worked in the backyard while the kids played in the dirt. You know pulling weeds that kinda stuff…

And had a nice visit and dinner over at my in-laws. 

On a side-note, Madison found a worm while I was weeding in the planter beds that she insisted was a snake. She thought he was so cute. We kept telling her it’s a WORM, because we don’t want her to think it’s okay to pick up snakes. Since we do have snakes roaming around in the summer-time around the dairy! Long story short, that poor little “worm-snake” ended up in 5 different pieces squirming for his life from monster-baby!!!

Oh Madison we wouldn’t have you any other way, okay maybe minus the messes!!!

This is their favorite dirt spot. The dog has dug it out just enough to keep the dirt nice and soft.

In the afternoon, this spot is shaded just right!

Bryce loves to play dirt with his Sissy!

Most of her tea-party dishes are used to play in the dirt. 

Clean soft dirt never fails!

I took a picture of one of my plants that have these pretty red berries on them right now. I just wanted to share because I thought the colors were so beautiful!

Have a great President’s Day,



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