So yesterday was a fun much needed #SundayFunday (I want to get a shirt that says that), we started out by going to breakfast, then doing our weekly grocery shopping, dropping Jer and Madison off at the house, Bryce and I went to go see Mr. Peabody & Sherman, visited with my in-laws and had dinner, and then we came home to wind down for the rest of the day. Few…that was one long sentence…that was one long day!

And to top it all off, my Amazon order came in with my new camera, woohoo…woohoo!!!

After coming home from the movie, I had some time before we were going to leave, so I decided to clean and organize my makeup drawer.  Very overdue…

I thought you guys might find it interesting how I organize my most frequently used makeup. This is not all my makeup, I organize the makeup I don’t wear all the time differently. Maybe I’ll show you one time if your interested?

First you want to start with two things, a clean drawer and an empty drawer.

Secondly your dividers, trays, organizational components positioned in your drawer the way you want them. My drawer is long and narrow, so I needed my brushes to fit in the back and my trays in front. 

These trays you can find at the Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  You can also find these trays in my kitchen drawers, but in larger scale, keeping my utensils nice and tidy!

Thirdly I dispersed my most frequently used makeup and hair accessories. Hair-ties, clips and bobby-pins in one little clear tray. Concealer, primer, eyeliner…in a medium size tray. Powders, mascara and eyelash curler in a longer, skinnier tray. Behind that, I tucked two hand creams and my two most used brushes for easy reaching. 

I hope you find that helpful or that it inspires you to organize your makeup or hair drawer. When things are organized and you can see them, they get used more often. If they are in a bag, you have to fish around for them or you end up using what’s on top.

Organized Stuff makes me breathe easier…

Have an AWESOME Monday and make this week YOUR week! 


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