This photo that you are about to see may be disturbing in so many ways…

This photo right here shows that we are keepin’ it real…

This photo right here has a Mom and son overwhelmed and we don’t know where to start…so lets just close the door and maybe somehow it will magically pick itself up…

This photo displays a room where a mastermind, mad-scientist, expert-builder, absent-minded professor lives…

This photo might make you have anxiety…I know I did…

This photo…ok you get the picture…

Here is the problem with this picture, first off poor picture quality due to a camera phone. Secondly there is too much stuff in his room, and I should of went through stuff along time ago. But, any smart parent knows (learned the hard way) you have to go through old toys while they are at school, or they miraculously want to play with them again. Well here is the problem, I homeschool so he is with me 90% of the day!

So what do you do about it? Simple, call in the Calvary…meaning Mom and future sister-inlaw; they are always up for an organizational project. And more hands makes for quick work!

What was my vision or plan for his room? 

1. Make his room feel like a young man’s room and not a toy room.

2. Box up toys that he no longer plays with and store them in the top of his closet.

3. Move ALL of his toys and shelving unit into his closet and add a dresser.

4. Get rid of the green shelf and put one of his toy boxes outside for outside toy storage.

5. Ultimately for him to be happy and not overwhelmed with too many toys!

Here are some of the after photos, again sorry for the poor picture quality, camera phone problems.

See he does have carpet down there…

I didn’t want to take anything off the walls because he put everything up himself, especially the tractors.

The dresser is a nice addition to his room.

We moved his desk back into his room because now there is room for it!

Lastly we moved his shelving unit into the closet and what is nice about that is you can close the closet door and all of the toys are concealed behind it.

This room reorganization wouldn’t of happened with out the help of the Calvary, Mom and Mahalia, thank you girls so much!!!

Have a great weekend and Saturday!


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