Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

We’ll be sporting our green today in the form of our Notre Dame-fighting Irish gear. Go Irish! The hubs is part Irish from his Dad’s side, so that makes the kiddos Irish too. We always do fun drinks for Patty’s Day; not that the Irish like drinks of anything??? If you are still looking for a refreshing and fun drink for the kids, try my float recipe! If you need a Shamrock Shake recipe, then I’m your gal!

I told you guys last week or the week before that I purchased a new camera. I stepped into the DSLR world and I love it!!! The camera that I finally decided on was the Canon Rebel T5i it was a great choice for me and came recommended by a fellow blogger. Nikon or Canon is the big question, I ultimately choose Canon because that’s the brand of camera that I have always owned and it just felt right.

So far I’ve kept the camera indoors, too nervous to take it out on the dairy with the kids. Yesterday when Jer was home, I went over and snapped a few of the cow/calves. 

Our herd has grown exponentially with all these calves dropping! 

This picture I would like the call, The Nursing Station!

The little calf is warm and cozy.

Dad feeding a couple of bales to the Mommas. 

Mom and Dad enjoying the fruits of their labor!

Oh and here is a picture of The Hubs that I thought I would add in as a bonus, haha! 

He is a key member of my blog’s test kitchen…

Have a great Monday!

It’s the start of a new week…

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