In this post I am going to show you how to make your own tutu for dance, birthday parties or just for fun! You can customize them to the season, theme or favorite colors for cheap. If you have actually been to a dance store to purchase a tutu, you will pay between $15-$30 dollars, I made this one for right around $5 and EVERYONE was asking me how I did it. So here is your tutorial on how to make your own tutu for your girl/girls.

Madison had so many compliments on her tutu and I have to admit, she does look so darn cute in it!

First thing you will need is TULLE! Whatever color you choose (purchased at Walmart ,$2.97each), I purchased 2 of the main color and 1 contrasting color. You need 3 inch. strips, these came in 6 inch., so for Madison’s I used 50 yards of 3 inch. strips for the main color.

Second thing you will need is 1/2 elastic waist band. Measure their waist and subtract 11/2 inches and sew the ends together, sewing machine works best but needle and thread will work too.

1. You want to measure how long you want the tutu to be on her, (M’s were 8 inch. long) double that number and add an inch. Example: 8+8= 16+1=17 inch. strips.  The extra inch is for the knot.

2. Cut your strips at your desired length and then cut down the middle so your strips measure 3 inches wide, by your desired length. If you can find tulle that is already 3 inches wide then you will not have to do that last step.

3. Stretch your elastic around a chair back or something to keep it tight.

4. Start making your knots.

4. a. Fold your strip in half and have the loop in front of the elastic.

4. b. Bring the tails around the back of the elastic and pull through.

4. c. Pull all the way through until the tails are out.

4. d. Pull your knot tight and slide it next to all the other knots. Keep repeating this process until your skirt is full.

5. I added a contrasting color every 2 inches. Same formula for the other strips, and 2 every 2 inches.

6. Put it on your little girl and see how cute she looks.

Easy, inexpensive and adorable, everything I am looking for!

I hope you find this tutu-torial helpful and let me know in the comments below what you think…

Have a Great Weekend!

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