To go along with our homeschool life post on curriculum, I am showing you how we store our media/technology “stuff”.  First you need a case and I love our Orla Kiely for Target cosmetic hanging organizer pouch that my Mom got us. What is nice about this bag is that it can hold all your cords, chargers, and any hand-held devices that you may have. 

Since we are homeschoolers, I have the kids with me ALL the time, not just picking up or dropping off at school and home. They are with me when I go to work, Grandma’s, errands…etc., you get the point. You need something that will keep all your “stuff” nice, tidy and together. This is the bag for YOU!!!

Keep reading to see the inside workings… 

I love the design and color of this bag, unfortunately I think this design is discontinued. You may find it actually in your Target, but not online. They came out with their new spring collection, that I love, and I will give you the link for the new organizer below.

The New Orla Kiely Design for Spring/Summer!

Here is the inside and how I keep it stocked! 

One thing that I like is that it fits the iPad 2, it doesn’t fit in the actual zipper pouches, but it does fit within the outer shell.

On the back-side of the middle divider I keep a microfiber cloth for wiping screens and an extra SD card. 

On the right is how our iPad 2 sits. 

The zipper pouch on the right hand side is a plastic zipper pouch, so if something may spill it’s protected. The charger cord for the mini is housed in there with the mini and a booklet of random stickers. You know sometimes you just need a booklet of stickers, especially for entertaining Madison!

The left side has a netted zipper pouch where I keep Madison’s LeapPad2, charger cord and charger for the iPad 2. My reasoning for having the LeapPad in the netted side is that if something spills, it’s cheaper to replace a LeapPad than an iPad.

On the front side of the middle divider, I keep back-up batteries for the LeapPad and a stylist if one of the kids wants to use one.

Doesn’t it make you happy looking at this bag??? Or is it just me and my weirdness…don’t answer that…?!?!

This is what it looks like closed, it’s not huge or puffy from all the things inside either. The handles are supper sturdy and the zippers close and open great too!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how we organize our media/tech. pouch and that it inspires you to get organized too…

Have a Great Thursday or Spring Break!!!


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